Dawei Peninsula

Peninsula Dawei

Best accommodation on the Dawei Peninsula! Peninsula Dawei Dawei Peninsula extends from Nabule Beach in the northern part (Burmese: Mayingyi Aw) about 100 kilometres southwards and ends at Dawei Point with the Shin Maw Pagoda. There are perhaps the best shores along this coast in Myanmar. There is no adequate infrastructures to reach these beautiful sands.

Everyday activities on the peninsula seem quite relaxing and the locals are very inviting. Fisheries, caoutchouc plantations and paddies are the major industries. There are several bus services from Dawei to the southernmost end of the peninsula and to the Maung Ma Gan's principal beaches.

Maung Ma Gan is the most easily reachable one, meaning "Where the Emperor took his concubines". It' a long section of sandy beaches with various cabins for lunch. It is the only really hard working Sunday when the local people are free to relax and take in the sun.

The Coconut Guest House, which is the best for foreigner, provides wood and cement cottages. Situated 750 metres from Maung Ma Gan beach in the Maung Ma Gan town. The Maung Ma Gan Beach Resort provides neat cabins with AC and breakfas. A little bit southern of Maung Ma Gan Beach.

The bungalows are very simple but directly on the sea. Situated at the northern end of Maung Ma Gan Strand. The Nabule Beaches is situated just south of Maung Ma Gan (15 km) and is very long and bright-blue. On the northernmost end there is a small pit between the rock.

It' a very lovely place to make a full excursion from Dawei or Maung Ma Gan while driving through country landscapes and towns. Motorcycle and cars available. Situated to the north of Maung Ma Gan (13 km), San Maria Beach is as pretty as Nabule. There are some fishermen's cabins on the sandbanks.

A great place to go swimming. Motorcycle and cars available. If you' re not a bum, you' re gonna like San Lan Beach. The biggest part of the shore is sheltered by fishermen's cabins. Coming from Dawei (1. 25 hours). Motorcycle and cars available. The Tizit is the best place to go on a daily horseback from Dawei.

It' a long seashore with a small fishermen town in one place. Walking to the northern end you will find another cove with shaded saplings. Beware that you can be trapped by the royal flood (full moon) when you cross a salty surface to access these sands.

Coming from Dawei (1. 5 hours). Motorcycle and cars available. Grandpa's shore, called after the near Grandfather's Mound (Burmese: Popo Gau), is a 5 km long section of sandy area. It' a beautiful sandy spot with blue water and nothing but bush. Coming from Dawei (2. 5 hours). Can only be reached by motorcycle.

The Myin Kwa Aw is the horseshoe cove in the extreme south of the peninsula. It has a clear sea, a beautiful sandy beaches, the jungles and the Shin Maw Pagoda (about 8 km). Small coves surround the beaches, where you can enjoy a sunny days in the shadow of a wood.

The Myanmar Paradise Beach Bungalow at Zat Sar Aw Beach is currently the only fully licenced lodging on the peninsula. Chalets are located under a cocco and only a stone's throw from the waterfront. Each bungalow is spacious, 8 sq. m. patio, 10 sq. m. lounge and 6 sq. m. bath.

It is a great place to spend your holidays due to its clean sand beaches and bluewater. There are no inhabitants in the cove and the cottages are only encircled by jungles. Snorkelling can be done directly from the sea. Tip #2: Swim at nights as the peninsula provides bright water all year round.

The Shwe Mon Gan Restaurant at Maung Ma Gan Beach seems to be the best place for expat. Youay - Thai and Burmese cuisine - Best option on the peninsula.

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