Dawei Pagoda

Pagoda of Dawei

Most revered pagodas are the Shin Motehti Pagoda, a few miles south of the city. This is Shin Motehti Pagoda, a few kilometers south of the city. The Shin Datweh Pagoda, north. The Shin Maw Pagoda on the promontory of Dawei, directly at the southern tip.

Dawei Myaw Yit Pagoda - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

The Myaw Yit Pagoda was said to have been constructed by King Alaung Si Thu (The King of the Bagan Dynasty) when he visited the Shin Maw Pagoda (one of the nine famed ones in Dawei). As King Alaung Si Thu arrived at the site of the Myaw Yit Pagoda through his royal ship, he realized that Buddha's remains were hidden there and he constructed the Myaw Yit Pagoda.

This pagoda is renowned among the locals for its beauty.

Visiting Dawei | The Myanmar Times

When I' m an employees person, I always think about where I should go when it comes to long vacations. Dawei in the south of Myanmar is the most memorable of the many places I have been. In consultation we chose a trip to the Shin Koe Shin (Shin 9 Shin) Pagoda in Dawei.

Dawei, a city formerly known as Tavoy, is located in the southeastern part of the countryside in the Tanintharyi region, formerly known as Tenasserim Division, and is about 614. In order to get to Dawei, you have to drive through the cities of Bago, Kyaikto, Mawlamyine, Mudon and Ye and eventually arrive in Dawei.

At 4 pm we left Yangon and eventually reached Kaleinaung in Dawei township at 8 am after we had passed Bago, Kyaikhto, Mawlamyine, Mudon and Ye. It is the capitol of the Tanintharyi region, which has an area of 2636. First, we went to the Su Taung Pyae Santaw Shin Pagoda, one of Dawei's historical Shin Koe Shin Pagoda at the top of the Kaleinaung Sub Township near the entrance to Dawei.

As I was drinking teas in a store near the pagoda, I talked to the indigenous proprietor and asked him about the Shin Koe Shin pagoda story. "The number of Shin Koe Shin visitors this year is very high. Every day there are many coaches and crowded vehicles of travellers who come to this place.

Shin Koe Shin Necklaces can, in his opinion, be classified into three categories: alpine Necklaces, woodland Necklaces and city Necklaces. There are three mountaineering pagods - Shin Sandaw Pagoda (Kaleinaung Su Taung Pyae Pagoda), Shin Myaw Taung Pagoda and Shin Taung Pone Pagoda. There are three woodland pagods: Shin Ded We Pagoda, Shin Za Lun Pagoda and Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda and the third are the three city pagods Shin Pin Kayu Pagoda, Shin Ote Aou Pagoda and Shin Monti Pagoda.

For lack of bookings we could only go to one Shin Pagoda, but we spent two days in Dawei and could have visited all the pagodas. Second place was the Shin Ded We Pagoda in Maung Mae Shaung town, about 7 mile from Dawei - Yayphyu street in the northern part of Dawei.

Near the Shin Ded We Pagoda is a seated Buddha. Following our visit to the Shin Ded We Pagoda we continue our trip to the Shin Taung Pone Pagoda, which is located near Thayet Chaung city centre in Dawei. There is a pagoda on a hill more than 2000ft high.

Although the hill was quite precipitous, we could get to the summit by motorbike or motorbike, where the pagoda was located. Afterwards we went to the Mount Pagoda in the hamlet of Monti on the motorway Dawei-Myeik. Since the pagoda was located next to the motorway, there were many stores that sold goods manufactured there.

In Dawei, after the Shin Monti Pagoda, we also went to the Lawka Tharaphu Pagoda, one of the biggest lying Buddha pictures in the whole time. We then drove to Dawei city centre, where we overnight. Next day we awoke at 5:00 am and drove to the Shin Myaw Taung Pagoda in the town Kyat Hlut in the township Launglon, which is more than 52 mi from Dawei.

We drove about 3 kilometers to the top of the hill and arrived at the pagoda. Shin Myaw Taung Pagoda is located near the coast, so you can take in the wonderful coastline, mangroves and lifestyles of the people along the way. There is a small fresh water lake in the Oak Tin Myaung rest area at the bottom of the hill and when the tide comes, this lake is immersed in sea water, but soon after the swell has subsided, it turns back into a fresh water pool.

On our return from Shin Myaw Taung Pagoda we went to Myin Kwar Aw Strand in Laung Lone Township and stopped at a local restaurante while we enjoyed the beautiful mountain ouside. Then we went to the Shin Oak Aw Pagoda, which is located on the Shwe Kyaung Monastery in Painneltaw in Dawei, an old monument.

Later, we went to the Shin Pin Kayu Pagoda near Ar Tsar Ni Street in Dawei. The Shin Pin Kayu Pagoda was constructed about 300 years ago, according to the ancestors. The Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda is located in the town of Ka Myaw Kin in Laung Lone Township. In contrast to other Shin Pagods, it is actually a Buddha picture located in a surgery-room.

In order to finish our journey to the Shin Koe Shin Pagoda, we went on to the last one, the Shin Zalun Pagoda. The Shin Zalun Pagoda is situated in Myohaung Thar Gara in Laung Long Township. A striking flower design around the top of the bell-shaped pagoda. There is a spacious car park at the bottom of the pagoda and local fruit and snack stores.

On our return from Shin Zalun Pagoda we also went to the Maungmagan Strand, which was our last stop in Dawei. When we said good-bye to Dawei, we walked past Ma Lwel Mountain and arrived at Ye. We also pilgrimaged to Setse and Kyitekami Yay Lal Pagoda, Win Sein Taw Ya and other pilgrimages in Mawlamyine.

When we had finished visiting the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Kyaikto, our trip ended and we went back to Yangon.

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