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It is a port of medium importance and a tropical coastal city. Discover how the locals live in Dawei, South Burma. We started my day with breakfast and Claire (we are still together) in my hotel in Dawei. Sometimes known as Tavoy, Dawei is the official capital of the Tanintharyi Division in southeast Myanmar. Daweei is a city in Tanintharyi, Myanmar.

About Dawei and Maungmagan beaches

It is a tranquil city with many nice and quiet sands. Dawei was known as Tavoy under UK domination and is still sometimes called that. Shwe Taung Tsar Pagoda is the most important place of worship in Dawei and is located in an enchanting little area.

It is also a nice stroll from the center of Dawei through the roads lined with old houses from the colonies. Situated in the center of the city, which sometimes seems more Thai than Myanmar, the lively Si Pin Tharyar and Miniagalar market are definitely a must - they are located opposite each other.

A larger choice of pictures can be found in our Dawei Flickr gallery. Twelve kilometers from Dawei lies the Maung Ma Kan Bay (also called Maung Ma Kan) with its wonderful hilly landscape, which rises directly on the coast. Here there are many basic restuarants with the freshest shellfish and a 30-minute stroll southwards will take you to a characteristic fishermen town with small yachts in its port - and some picturesque pubs where you can unwind and enjoy the view and the oceanbike. (watch our YouTube movie from the village).

Moungmagan is very different from the more touristy Bengali Gulf coastline sands. For more pictures, go to our Moungmagan Strand Flickr picture-book. The best is the Maung Ma Kan Resort (on the beach) and the more foreigners oriented Coconut Guesthouse and Restaurant (500 meters behind the beach); a touc touk to Moungmagan Strand takes about 45 min from the center of Dawei and costs K10,000.

There is a large selection of Dawei itself. Myanmar offers a multitude of trips that cover Dawei, its beautiful beach and the area. Find out more here. While Maungmagan is beloved and enjoyable, it can be crowded at certain hours of the year and the sands are not ideal.

However, near Dawei there are a dozen picturesque sandy shores where you can hardly see another souls (...), especially on the Dawei Point isle. Some of the highlight on the beach: About 45 min southwards from Maungmagan lies this wonderful place on the Myawyik Pagoda highway (which, if you are looking for a route description to use from a local); the sanctuary itself is on a promontory 500 meters northerly of San Maria Bay and extends on a long pedestrian bridge that you can see for a mile.

At the northern end of the shore, on the street leading to the pit stop, there is a lovely brewery. Teyzite Strand. Further southwards, this beautiful and unspoilt sandy area offers an all-day excursion. After Maungmagan you head southwards, behind Dawei, to the town of Launglon (where there are some small tea houses for refreshments).

Teyzit is 15 min. further southwards, then you have to take a rough western route half an hours through the hills opening up to Teyzit-Sea. Again there is a small town with a brewery at the northern end. Have a look at our YouTube movie of Teyzit Beaches.

This is Nabule. Off the Dawei Peninsula, this apparently never-ending and empty piece of radiant blank sandy is located 18 kilometers of Maungmagan. On the northern end of Nabule is a slope with a small local pub offering a magnificent view of the ocean and the beaches.

Watch our YouTube movie from Nabule Beach. One can take a cab or touk touc, but the best way to reach these places is by motorcycle; they can be rented in Dawei and Maungmagan and cost about 10,000 K per daily. When you go to the Dawei Peninsula, it is important to keep in mind that there is little local amenities - the streets to the beach are poor (and sometimes difficult) and the apartments are usually basic fishermen's towns where you may be able to buy roasted paddy and a beverage, but little else.

The majority of the accommodations are in Dawei or on the Maungmagan coast, both close to the entire Peninsular - but there are also some basic peninsular seaside cottages. To see a larger variety of pictures, visit our Dawei area' Flickr Photoalbum website.

Reservations for community based events such as sightseeing trips, cookery courses, sea trips, motorcycle rentals and much more are available - and you can also contact our dedicated Myanmar office for more. A Visa- and Mastercard-enabled KBZ ATM is located at Neikban (Niban)-Street 14 in Dawei, which extends parallelly and northwards of the Arzarni Road highways. Further central banking and cash dispensers are located in the town.

When you want to discover the Dawei beach, it is a good option to have a cell with a map and the local map so that you can use it off-line when you struggle to get there. Five and a half hour from Dawei at Htee Kee/Phunaron there is a boarder checkpoint in the Thai hill. You can find more information here.

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