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Where' s Dawei, Myanmar? Dawei, Tanintharyi map

Daweei is a Tanintharyi, Myanmar town. At 14.07 degree of latitude and 98.19 degree of longitude and at an altitude of 13 metres above seag. With 136,783 inhabitants, Dawei is the second largest town in Tanintharyi. The BURT timezone, i.e. it follows the same timezone as Myeik.

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Dawei, formerly called'Tavoy', is a coastline in the south of Myanmar covering an area of over 6,734 sqkm. When you decide to fly, there is a recently opened connecting flight between Yangon Dawei Myeik Kotaung and Bagan. It is a very nice and comfortable area.

In order to shape the area today, Dawei went through many interesting historic periods. Dawei was under the pagan empire from the eleventh to the thirteenth century. Between 1287 and 1564 Dawei became part of the Sukhothai Kingdom and its successors Ayutthaya Kingdom (Siam). From then until 1594 Dawei was part of the Toungoo Kingdom of Burma.

Since 1594, Siam returned to the town. Dawei became Burma's most southern town after 340 years and was supported by a Myanmar military presence. Dawei was taken over by Siam together with the tenasserime coastal north of Burma in the later 1740' s during the 1740-1757s. Myanmar reclaimed the town in 1760 and expanded its domination of the whole coastline of 10asserim in 1765.

In 1948, after gaining sovereignty, the town became part of the Tenasserim Division, which also comprised the present Mon state. Mon State was cut from Tenasserim in 1974, and Dawei became the capitol of the cut-off division. 1989 the English name of the village was change from Tavoy to Dawei and Tenasserim to Tanintharyi.

This is why Dawei is today the home of different ethnic groups such as Bamar, Mon, Kayin, Rakhine and Shan. Here live humans, who are acquainted with living on the waters and near the beaches. Seafish and prawns are not only enough for domestic use, but also for the global food markets.

In addition to the lives of the locals, Dawei is also home to the beauties of a broad range of palette of peacocks. Most worshipped are the Shin Motehti and Shin Datweh Pagodes in the southern part of the city, the Shin Datweh Pagod in the northern part and the Shin Maw pagod on the Dawei Hill. The Shin Motehti is one of the most worshipped of the Dawei-people.

The Lawka Tharaphu is another attraction. The most interesting place of Dawei is 74 metres long and 21 metres high and is situated in this cloakroom.

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