Dawei Hotel List

The Dawei Hotel List

Dawei's most spectacular hotel. Dawei Hotel Book / Directions: Hotel Dawei is ideally located in the main tourist area of Dawei and promises a relaxing and beautiful visit. TripAdvisor for hotels near Maung Magan Beach Resort, Dawei: Check prices and find the best deal for Golden Guest Hotel Dawei.

Dawei Buch Hotel / Approach

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Hotel Golden Guest Dawei, hotel evaluation, room prices and booking

Please choose your trip data. The number of people per room is to be chosen. Unfortunately there are no rooms for {0} people. The Golden Guest Hotel is situated in the main tourist area of Dawei and guarantees a restful and beautiful sight. There is a large selection of facilities and discounts to give you a good stay.

The guest rooms are equipped with all the comforts you need for a good night's rest. There are various leisure facilities at the hotel. The Golden Guest Hotel is the ideal place for your holiday in Dawei. Kids are welcome in this hotel. Kids can use available bed. You can pay by hotel debit or debit cards.

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Locate a budget hotel in Dawei! Mandolis is located in Dawei. Room and scenery designed for your dream and as if it had been made by a dream. Rooms as they were found by two travellers with dream and as they were made by their dream. Perfectly made for further growth and dream and stay, forever. The Diamond Crown Hotel is located in the best part of Dawei and offers everything the town has to show for itself.

There are various leisure facilities at the hotel. The Diamond Crown Hotel is an ideal place to discover Dawei or just to unwind and tapener.

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