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Daweei Guest House

The Best House Guest House offers free WiFi and is located in Dawei. Intelligently furnished, centrally located and efficiently managed, the Golden Guesthouse in Dawei seems to have placed an early bid. With free WiFi is the Best House Guest House in Dawei. I' d really like to go back to Dawei and Maungmagan, because it's still off the beaten track. The Dream Emperor Guest House offers accommodation in Dawei.

Great choice on Maungmagan Beach. - Looking back on Coconut Guest House, Dawei, Myanmar

At best the meal was mediocre, between all of us we ordered chickens in sauces, crisp seafood and bolognaise pasta, and it turned out that our paddy arrived 30 mins before any of the pipes, which then took over an hours to get to ours! At the end of that evening, me and my man thought we would give them the advantage of reassurance, as they were really occupied that evening, big mistakes...... on our way to our camp at midday we were the only ones who were there.

During all this happened, the landlord was sitting there with his woman and taunting a new customer who had come to remain on their land, disgustingly!


You will find below a short overview of the individual guesthouses in Dawei, Myanmar. Just click on the link'more information about the guesthouse' and you will be forwarded to further information such as the room type and overnight prices for your chosen Dawei guesthouse. This is where you can verify your uptime and make a safe booking when you get to Myanmar.

The Golden Guest Hotel Dawei is a guesthouse in . In Dawei, the Golden Guest Hotel provides a 24-hour reception, a free transfer from the Golden Guest Hotel to the city. WiFi is available to our clients free of charge during their stays.

from Dawei to Kanchanaburi - Thailand.

from Dawei to Kanchanaburi - Thailand. A Myanmar Electric Visas is available at the Htee Khee/Phu Nam Ron immigration point. Myanmar cannot be entered at this control point (with an E-visa), but you can leave it. The breakfast is part of the Starlight room rate. Typical dishes are egg, as well as toasts, and fruits.

30.000 K yat per room per night for our doubleroom (even if it is only 1 person), and 35.000 K yat for 3 persons in a doubleroom (including additional bed). 25.000 cyat per day for our 1 singleroom. There is no longer any cost differential when only AC units or fans are used. Max. 3 persons per room, except for small kids.

The breakfast is part of the room rate. You will be served egg and onast, as well as chilled fruits and either freshly boiled coffees or sauerkraut. Do not think that Starlight cannot accept foreign nationals. They canceled their scheduled trip because they learned from tour operators and hoteliers (in other cities) that Ye is off the books now.

You are now welcome to explore a civilization and countryside that has not been seen by anyone else since the Second World War. They' re so nosy about you, how you're gonna be with them. South Myanmar is not overcrowded with franchising stores and the similarity of so many travel locations.

It is a great way to enjoy a wide range of foods, local history, sport, Myanmar cultural and other activities.

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