Dawei Deep Seaport Project

The Dawei deep-sea port project

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The Dawei SEZ Fact Sheet is available

Project Overview: Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ) development project is an immense project to construct one of the biggest industry areas in the planet, if it goes according to schedule. There are plans to become a logistics centre in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS), with a deep-sea harbour to be constructed right next to the SPC.

Also, a highway and railroads linking the deep-sea harbor with the Myanmar-Thailand frontier and connected with highway and railroads will provide an alternate trading lane to replace the conventional Malacca Strait. SEZ Dawei's facilities include a deepwater harbour, streets, railways, dams, hydroelectric stations and natural-gas lines.

1 ] In additon, those who live in metropolitan and borough areas of the district of Dawei with a total of 493,576 inhabitants (2014 census) would be negatively affected by the operations of the oil chemical facility and other institutions. There is a risk that the number of persons affected would rise as the return of displaced persons (mainly Karen ethnics who have escaped to Thailand) is to begin.

It officially began in May 2008, when the Myanmar and Thai Government sign an accord to construct the Dawei SEZ. Italian-Thai Development Plc. was awarded a 60-year licence in 2010. {\a6} (ITD), a Thai enterprise. The work was performed on behalf of Dawei Development Companies Ltd.

an ITD (75%) and Max Myanmar (25%) consortium. However, in July 2012 Max Myanmar retired. Following major funding problems, the project was halted and in November 2013 the concessions were granted to a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), 50% of which is held by both the Myanmar and Thailand Government.

This project was relaunched, especially after the official accession of the Japan administration to the project in July 2015 and the signature of a Memorandum of Intent (MoI)[2] with Myanmar and Thailand. ITD and Max Myanmar's work to date has already resulted in many issues, including evictions, harassment by civil servants to obtain approval for the project, pointless consultation and erroneous redress procedures.

They have warned Japan that if it chooses this project, it must be responsible for the ecological and societal impact and violation of humanitarian law that already exists. Furthermore, on the ground, people express concern and fears about future developments. Location: - Coastal area in Dawei district, Thanintharyi area, includes Nabule Beach.

  • About 30 km from Dawei, the capitol of the Tanintharyi region. pro-project: Transfer of project applicants: Davei development corporation Ltd. an ITD (75%) and Max Myanmar (25%) jointly controlled entity. ITD was awarded concessions in 2010 and the project was started. Max Myanmar retired from Dawei Development in July 2012 and ITD became the only one.

The ITD company loses concessions privileges. The concessions were assigned to Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Dawei SEZ Development Company Ltd. which are held by the Thai and Myanmar administrations (50% each). Myandawei Industrial Estate Company Ltd (MIE) was founded as a JV between ITD and ROJANA. ITD, Rojana Industrial Park Public Company Ltd.

and LNG Plus International Company Ltd. were awarded concessions for the first stage of the project. The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) has acceded to Dawei SEZ Development Company Ltd. Principal project components: The" starting phase" of the project comprises[5]: For example: A highway connection to Thailand has scratched off mountains, which has led to landslips.

For example: village inhabitants between the 8 and 10 km of the street were under threat from ITD that they would not get anything if they did not accept the company's offers. For example, the EIA, which was to be carried out before the project was carried out, was carried out after completion of the pavement work for the freight approach route.

There was no correct evaluation and the effects were not softened. Comments on social environmental impact and violations of humanitarian law: Thailand's National Commission on human and democracy (NHRCT) has responded to a grievance from Thailand's NGOs and announced its findings on 23 November 2015. The ?The survey concludes that ITD's project is violating the basic principles of Myanmar's population.

Also, the accountability of the Thai and Myanmar authorities, who supported the project despite these breaches, was described as still unsolved. NHRCT anticipates that the impact of the project will be sustained in the years to come. Previously government endorsed programmes are currently under examination. 4 ]'Japan Permitted in Dawei SPV,' The Nation, December 9, 2015.

5 ] Presented by Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, Deputy Minister of Transport and Secretary General of the National Economic and Social Development Board of Thailand, at the Mekong-Five Economic Forum at the Mekong Japan Summit on July 3, 2015 in Tokyo. 7 ] According to ITD's plans, the industrial zone, initially covering 27 km2, is subdivided into zones A, B and C (7 km2 each) and zone C with 6 km2.

9 ] ITD's project schedule card (as of September 2015) shows that a small pool of fresh and treated waters is flanked by a drinking and waste disposal system. 11 ] The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT), 23 novembre 2015, Report of the Consideration No.1220/2558, Community rights : the case of Dawei Deep Seaport and Special Economic Zone Project in Myanmar which Thailand has signed in Myanmar 11 ] The National Human 11 ] The National Human rights 11 ] The National Report 11 ] The National Human Rights 11 ] The National Report 11 ] The National Human rights 11 ] The National 1337 11 ] The National Human 1333 11 ] The National 1337 11 ] The National Human 1337 11 ] The National 367 11 ] The National Human 133 1339 11 ] The National 1339 11 ] The National Human 820/2558 11 ] The National 920/2558 11 ] The National Human 2558 11 ] The National 2558 11 ] The National Human 5257 11 ] The National 920/2557 11 ] The National Human 2558 11 ] The National 2558 11 ] The National Human 9257 11 ] The National 2558 11 ] The National Human entitled 217 11 ] The National NawCT 11 ] The National Human Report 11 ] The National Report 11 ] The National Human Report 11 ] The National Statistics 11 ] The National Humanities 11 ] The National Categories 11 ] The National Human Communities 11 ] The National Communities 11 ] The National Human Report 11 ] The National Communities 11 ] The National Humanity 11 ] The National Communities 11 ] The National Human 198 11 ] The National The 11 ] The National Human 2 11 ] The National Law 11 ] The National Human Law 11 ] The National were 11 ] The National Human The 11 ] The National any 11 ] The National Human any 11 ] The National any

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