Dawei Deep Seaport Map

Map of Dawei Deep Seaport

Locations and physical characteristics of Dawei Deep Sea Port and Zonal Industrial. The Dawei SEZ Act, passed by the Government of Myanmar. 2.1.6 Myanmar, Tanintharyi, Dawei Deep Sea Port - Logistics capacity assessment

Dawei deep-sea harbor is a particular developing economy area that is scheduled to go into operation by 2020. At present, there is no deep-sea harbour, only the "small harbour", which comprises a cement dock that is to be used by feeders from the (river) harbour of Dawei, since the draught can be lowered from the current 1 to 7.5 metres.

Work on the deepwater harbor has not yet begun and it is not yet clear when it will start. It has several harbour management facilities, a building courtyard and an 18 km long two-lane dirt track that ends at the Daweii. The 150 km long highway is supposed to link the industrial developing area with the Thai frontier, but still remains behind a viaduct over the Dawei and at least 40 km as the crow flies in order to cross the frontier over rough mountains.

It is linked to Maungmagan by a 20 km long, single-lane gravel track and from there by a 13 km long, two-lane asphalt track to the city of Dawei. Mr Win Myo Oo, secretary of the support working group of the deep water harbour Dawei. At present, only Italian-Thai and Dawei are present.

At the " small harbour " there is only one landing stage with a draught of 1m. Individual dock is for general goods only, not for container. Building material for the harbour is now transported by lorry by land. Situated at the "small harbour":

Side and front views of the bridge: Forklift trucks are part of the harbor building machinery of Italian-Thai Development Public Company Ltd. No harbor transshipment devices exist yet. Dawei's customs division is part of the Dawei deep-sea port's support working group, as are a further 14 departments.

Dawei deep-sea harbour is planned with two berths for large deep-sea ships up to 16 metres draught and a harbour area of 10 metres. On one side, the first tank, approx. 3.5 km long and 16 metres deep, will comprise a tank end with hopper loaders and on the other side a solid material-end.

On one side, the side tank with a draught of 12.5 metres will have easy acces to a large logistic centre and on the other side to cereal silos and fertiliser sheds. This deepwater harbour management project covers large areas (outside the 10.08 sq km harbour area) for the petroleum and natural-gas industries, a mill, large scale industrial facilities, a coal-fired generating station and an LNG-powerhouse.

An external harbor with berths for ships with a max. draught of 16.5 meters is foreseen. Included in the Masterplan are a rail link and a 4 to 6-lane motorway from the harbor to the Thai frontier. Currently there is no rail link and a 150 km long two-lane dirt track linking the harbor area with the Thai frontier.

There' s no harbor safety yet and no policemen.

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