Dawei Deep Seaport

Daweei deep sea port

The latest news, pictures, videos and special reports from the Economic Times. Dawei SEZ building on the advance again For the Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which has been postponed, the authorities are looking for ways of restarting its growth and say that the SEZ will be beneficial to both Myanmar and the area. SEZ Dawei comprises the motorway and a deep-sea harbor that will connect Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in the ASEAN area with India, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Dawei harbour will also reduce transport times, as it is no longer necessary to cross the Strait of Malacca. "In order to carry out the implementation of the Indonesian Sea Development Programme, ways must be found to conduct discussions between Myanmar, Thailand and Japan," said Vice President U Henry Van Thio at a visit to the site of the programme in Dawei, the Tanintharyi region's regional capitol near the Thai-Myanmar frontier.

The resumption of the Dawei transaction was investigated by two tasks forces. The first will concentrate on issues with the early stage developers, while the second will concentrate on the extension of an 150-kilometre long highway between Htee Khee and SSEZ. Union Trade Minister U Than Myint, who attended the meetings with Thai officials, said to the Myanmar Times that the Myanmar administration is pressing to improve the path within the next two years with Thai funding.

By 2015, Thailand had provided Myanmar with a low-interest 4.5 billion Bt at 0.1 percent to turn the country's roads into an ASEAN motorway. Italo-Thai Development Public Company (ITD) or other Thai building firms can offer," said U Than Myint. In 2008, Myanmar and Thailand concluded a MoU of Understanding to develop Dawei SEZ for the first time.

Myanmar awarded ITD a 60-year license to build a deepwater harbor, an industry park and roads and railway connections to Kanchanaburi in Thailand two years later. However, since then, there has been a slowdown in the evolution of the 8 billion dollar EPZ and discussion about the resumption of SEP in April has come to a halt.

After completion, Dawei SEZ will be one of the largest mega-projects in Southeast Asia. Just the early stage of the process would require more than a billion dollars.

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