Dawei Bungalow

Dawe Bungalow

Breathtaking and secluded beach, perfect bungalows with panoramic windows to the Andaman Sea. **pan class="mw-headline" id="Get_in">Get in[edit] Tavoy is the Tanintharyi Division in southeastern Myanmar. There' s a street northerly to Myeik, Bokepyin and Kawthoung, which are now open to aliens. Burma National Airlines has regular services, and Air Bagan operates 3 weekly from Yangon. Also Myanma Airways services (usually once a week) to Myeik, Bokepyin, Kawthoung and Myanma Airways can be offered.

Flight cancellations may be made without or with little prior notification due to missing reservations, bad air or other unforeseen circumstanc. The sky is clear after the wet seasons, in the Shin Motehti Pagoda, a few kilometers southwards of the city. The Shin Datweh Pagoda, upstate. The Shin Maw Pagoda, on the foothills of Dawei.

Laeka Tharaphu Pagoda with a 75 meter long lying Buddha picture. Paradebeach. In the vernacular Zin-th, a product found only in Dawei and its surroundings. Burma Paradise Bungalows at Zat Sar Aw or simply Paradise Beaches now. Situated 2 hrs from Dawei. There is a mini bus service and a motor taxi to the shore.

You can also go to paradise by motorcycle.

Burma Paradise Beach Bungalows - Front Town

Each bungalow is situated directly on the sea in a remote cove about 15 min from the next town. You' ll be able to have your own beaches and light start and even lighter than before. Host Mike and Maung will give you the last insiders' tip for the Dawei Peninsula and your journey on.

It is a true paradise. Burma Paradise is truly a paradise. Enjoying our sojourn and the sea. Dinner was very good and kind and supportive. It is a very remote place and a good rest from the hustle and bustle of town. Very quiet situation directly at the lovely beaches with very good restaurants and pleasant people.

It was a great pleasure to spend the evening there and we appreciate the reimbursement we were able to offer for the cancellation of the overnight stays. Isolated and privately owned sandy beaches with only a few jungles. Accommodation in Dawei:

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