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Colorful Myanmar Tour

"We want to try one of the best and most renowned touristic and tourism businesses in Myanmar. Our slogan is customer care and customer contentment. At all times we try to fulfil the wishes and moods of our guests. At all times we carefully design for the comforts and amenities of our guests.

Of course, the highest importance is attached to the protection of our visitors. Guided by well-trained and experienced tourist staff, our visitors are guided to the places they desire the uniqueness of Myanmar's natural environment of warmth, kindness and service.

If you want to come and see Myanmar, be our host. In Southeast Asia, Myanmar borders China to the Northeast and Northwest, Laos and Thailand to the Eastern-southeast, the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal to the Soth, and Bangladesh and India to the Wester.

Rangoon (Yangon)

Also known as the "Garden of the East ", Yangon is called after the luxuriant and verdant garden and park of the town. This is Myanmar's former capitol and trading town and the gate to Myanmar. Yangon is one of the most scenic towns in the Orient and is extraordinarily designed with a perfect line and right-angled avenues.

Situated in a lush forest, Yangon has its very own charme. It' a landscaped town, which gets its beauty from tree-lined roads, shady gardens and two ponds, Kandawgyi (Royal Lake) and Innya Lake. Rudyard Kipling's "awakening, tongue-in-cheek wonder" and Edwin Arnold's "Pyramid of Fire", the golden encrusted Shwedagon pit, the biggest pit in the worid, known for its size and awe-inspiring size, are enthroned above the town.

Yangon River gives it colour and peninsula views from the sky as it touches the town from the eastern, southern and western sides with the junction of Pazundaung Creek and Bago River at Monkey Point (Thanlyatsun). For a glimpse of what Myanmar's landscape looks like, you can drive to Dala on the Yangon River in the North.

Here, in this unspoilt place, you can see Myanmar in its surroundings with completely different settings on both sides of the Yangon River. Kyimyindaing, 8 km from Yangon, is another possibility. And Mandalay was the capitol of the Conboung Dynasty or the Third Myanmar Empire. It' 668 km from Yangon.

Also known as the second capitol in central Myanmar as it is the biggest town after Yangon. This is a lively trading center and a place where the old Myanmar civilization is kept. This old royal residence has fine palatial ramparts and a lovely ditch that surrounds the fortification.

The Mandalay is a window to the art and arquitecture of Myanmar in the nineteenth c... It is also the main centre for the study of Buddhist literatures and their convents and palagodas of Myanmar's religions. The Myanankyaw Golden Palace, Mahamuni, Kyauktawgiy Pagoda, Mandalay Hill and Kuthodaw Pagoda with all the Buddhist writings on 729 plates of stone, known as the largest book in the world, are definitely to be visited.

Mai Myos to Colonel May, who was in command of the Bengali regiment that occupied Pyin-Oo-Lwin in 1887, Pan-myo-daw (The City of Flowers) for its various flower species, Taung- hlaly-gar-myo-daw for its patio orchards and Hnin-myo-daw for its foggy year round weathers. National Kandawgyi Garden is a symbol of Myanmar's rich variety of wildlife.

Situated 21 km SW of Mandalay, speckled with peaks, over 400 convents and convents of nuns, Legaing Hill is known as a seclusion. Kaungmudaw is about 10 km from the town of Sagaing. It is a huge dome-shaped pit, constructed in 1636 by King Thalun. In Amarapura (literally "the eternal city") is about 11 km southward of Mandalay.

This was once the capitol of the Kon-baung dynasty before the Mandalay Palace was built. The other sights are Pahtodawgyi Pagoda, Kyauktawgyi Pagoda and Mahaganday at the monastery. The town of Innwa is located 20 km south-west of Mandalay. This was the kingly capitol of the Shan and Myanmar royalty in the twelfth cen. If you cross the riverbank and ride in a horse-drawn carriage, you can see the Nanmyinsatch Towers, the Bagaya Monastery, MahaAungmyeBonzanOkkyaung and HtilaingshinPaya.

Bagan, the most important traveler' s goal in Myanmar, was the old capitol of the first Myanmar empire, which was created by King Anawrahta. More than 2000 well restored palagodas and churches have been preserved in Bagan, which reflect the variety of Myanmar's antique architecture dating from the eleventh to the thirteenth centuries. It is the birthplace of the Myanmar civilization. It' also said to be the home of 37 ghosts (Nats) and is somehow compared to the pantheon of an Athen.

You can reach Heho by road from Mandalay or by airplane and it takes one hours then. The Taunggyi (literally translated'the Great Mountain') is the capitol of Shan State in the east of Myanmar. A further Taunggyi attractions is the Hot Air Ballons Festival, which takes place every year in November.

It is about 160 km from Yangon. The Golden Rock Pagoda on the outskirts of the hillside is a miracle of Myanmar. Pindaya, a scenic city to the northwest of Taunggyi in southern Shan State, is known for its legendary gorge. In this chilly and festive Shwe U Min cave you can see the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites in miraculous outlines.

It is a wonderful view for all travellers to see thousand and thousand and thousands of Buddha pictures of different mudra and different age around a gold coup. Pagodas are celebrated every year in March. The mountain people Taung-yo, Danu, Shan and Palaung, from near and far, meet at the Pagodasfest. It' like a colorful ethnical celebration that exchanges various agricultural products and pays tribute to the great Shwe U Min Carnaval.

It is a huge, scenic pond of fascinating beauty 1328 meters above sealevel and encircled by fog-blue hills. Located on low, hilly terrain in the eastern most part of Shan State near the China Peninsula-Borders. This is the home of Wa, Shan, Akha and Lahuhilltribes. It is a commercial city, and it is encircled by wonderful woods and hills.

Travellers also have the opportunity to explore mountain communities in the area. Lashio is situated at 2,800 ft above sealevel, 281 km from Madealay. It' the biggest town in the north of Shan State. Myanmar is a trading centre with railways, motorways and air links to other communities.

It is not only the final station of the railroad, but also the center of traffic to many cities in Shan State. Mansu Pagoda is 3 km from Lazhio. Raqkhine King Minqawmun was an old capitol, established by Rakkhine in 1433. It' located about 80 km from Sittay.

From Sittway it is accessed by a 5-hour cruise on the Caladan rivier. The archaeological site of Wethali is located about 8 km northerly of Mrauk-U. another ancient Rakkhine kingdom capitol from the 4. centuries. You can hike on the snows in the far northernmost part of Myanmar and collect rare healing and plant species.

Enjoy the unspoilt beauty of the area and take a look at Hkhakaborazi Mt., Myanmar's highest Mt. Mytitkyina ( "near the great river") is the capitol of the state of Kachin in the far northern part of Myanmar. The Myitkyina is located near the birthplace of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) rivulet at the junction of the N'MaiHka and Mali Hka rivulets, the terminal station of the Upper Myanmar Railroad and is at the top of Ledo Ave., which connects Ledo with India.

The Myitkyina is one of the most attractive cities on the shore of the Ayeyarwady riverbank, with its landing stages, train stations, airports, overhanging emerging foliage and picturesque squares. Manaw Festival is the climax of Myitkyina. Bhamaw is located in the state of Kahin on the east shore of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) Flu.

Bhamaw was the biggest and liveliest trading city in Myanmar after Yangon and Innwa, according to Captain Hanney's 1836 notes. Swetheindaw Pagoda is situated in the center of Bhamaw and the Pagoda Festival always takes place in October for 10-day.

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