Dawei Beaches

Dawe beaches

Ride the beach with Pete. There are perhaps the best beaches on land in Myanmar along this coast. There is a lot of potential for Dawei to become a top beach destination. View reviews and photos of beaches in Dawei, Myanmar on TripAdvisor. It takes about two and a half hours from Dawei to the beach.

There is Dawei and Beach Coaching in the area. BEST days in Myanmar!

This third installment of The Diary of Myanmar will tell you all about the incredible and pristine beaches around Dawei: Maungmagan, Grandfather's, Sin Htauk and Paradise Beaches. I' ve probably had the best day of the 50 day voyage there! Let us begin the voyage around Dawei! Like already mentioned in the last installment (Journey in Myeik), the voyage from Myeik to Dawei did not begin as planned with a stinking underarm.

Except for this small detail the street was much better than the one between Kawthaung and Myeik, but the bends were still there. All was well for the remainder of the trip and we reached Dawei at about 1 pm. It was all better organised, there were some pavements, street routes, the names of some roads in English and everything much clean.

If I couldn't find a place to stay in town I could go to the Coconut Guesthouse (on the beach) or try to stay for free in a convent (but it was three hour's motorcycle ride away). So, I took the motorcycle and went to another guesthouse, Dream Emperor.

It was still 3pm and I felt good, so I chose to try the Coconut Guesthouse near the shore, 35 min from where I was. On the way, the street was somehow in order and the landscape beautiful! Palm trees, paddy paddies, some hillocks, small towns along the street and so on.

So I came to Maungmagan, the town where the Coconut guesthouse was. Guesthouse was a little tucked away, so it took some patience to find it. It was a lovely village: the beaches, small towns and everything so unspoilt by global tourist masses, only the people. At last I arrived at the Coconut Guesthouse!

You gave me this card with the beaches of the area and the appreciated amount of free access to them, which was very useful. First you go back to Dawei and take the room in Dream Emperor and relax or do what my adventuresome and unsuspecting mind wanted, ride 2 hrs with your rucksack, go to the convent (in almost sunset) and stay there for free.

From there I came to the town near the shore, on a simple highway and with beautiful countryside on the way there. It was quite simple to reach the sea from the town. There were so many colorful and small locals in the beachfront mall.

It was an extreme long and shallow ocean, making it look even broad. Not big resort, just these little restaurant, beaches and seas. Big three in the first four get-togethers, not too bad! No! I was driving back to Dawei around 6:00. And then I realized why everything was fully occupied on those dates, so be careful when you visit Dawei on those of them.

Said I could still capture part of it near the guesthouse. At about noon and the next morning I had a long trip to the paradise beaches, the place where I wanted to spend some days to see the sunlight! It was a good start to the year.

I' d done some things before I went back out on the street. I didn't know how many megabytes I got with it, but a few day later I realized it was about 600MB. I then asked for the coach for the next town at an office and the timetable, as I drove for "x" a day to a shore that had gotten nowhere.

I had 000 KYAT (. 8. 15?) for a 7-hour trip and it would leave at 11pm, which was great to jump over a overnight stay in a guest house (there are other timetables, I took a coach at 5.30pm). 3 pm I was on my way to the paradise bath.

But I knew about this one about my Indonesia friend's beaches. It was 2.5 hrs from Dawei and was like a heaven. One and a half hour and half later I stop for dinner. It was unbelievable what the shore would look like, but the journey was unbelievable!

When I reached the town, I had to turn right and go to the shore. I only had the opportunity to go to the shore and sleep in a hammock, so I got it. Afterwards, the employees made a campfire on the shore to watch the full and bright full moons and chat with everyone.

To enjoy this beachside with this lunar was absolutely inestimable! So I said that I would probably go to a nearby shore, so we decided to go to Sin Hthauk. He was about 2 inches from our location. The first 15 min. of the course were really funny with many ups and downs, but still a good way and a nice landscape.

Arriving in a small town, the road got much tougher, just to get to the paradise beaches, but it took much longer to get to the beaches. A few moments later.... we were trapped. A few mikes later, asking if we were misplaced, we saw this little shield.

Great beaches and the "best" trip! It was a hard trip, but this place was unimaginable! We' ve watched them work for a long while. A few sunshine and more than ten workers gave them less than 100 kg of small shrimp.... A fast estimate of how much this kind of seafood could taste in a place and how low its content is.

Later, we went to the other side of the shore. As we saw, some of them were under building, like the ones on Paradise Beaches. It' s good to put our things aside and go swimming in these crystal clear water for a while before going on the hard one. Around 4 pm we had a luncheon in one of the street cafes and came back to the paradise beaches in just over an hours walk.

At the end we danced or tried to dance salt water on the shore and swam deep into the evening. About 1 or 2 in the morning and a little buzzy, it was bedtime. It was one of those nonadventure- free and just relaxing on the beaches, so I did it.

I' ve been to the paradise shore all morning. It' been bathing on another spot, grandfather's one! That was the third of the nights I stayed there.... I was only going to stay one, but this nice little coton-chammock, the interesting folks I meet and the nice and untouched beaches in the area made me stay there for more nights than I had foreseen.

I had already made up my mind, however, that this would be the last date and that I would go to Mawlamyine the next one. It' s good to be moving on, and the guys I used to meet and who made this place so great left, too. We took the motorcycles after breakfasts and began a full days out to Grandfather's beaches, just 45 mins from Paradise Beaches.

Immediately after reaching the highway, we paused to apply some sunscreen. We drove to the shore after a while, but first took a photo of the whole house (Not the best but :). A few meters further on the highway and in the Dawei town we turn off to the south.

After a few moments we followed the path until we reached an interesting fishing town. Once we have crossed the town, if there is no way to go ahead, we turn right and follow this path for 10-15 min until we arrive at the beginning of Grandfather's Rock. BEHALLE! There we were waiting a little and around 2 pm we could go to the shore, THIS SEA!

The north part of the shore was accessed, where the stream divides the shore into two parts. We could see the next one from there and at low water levels it was even possible to get from one to the other. Before it was too early and too early, we went back to the paradise beaches.

As we returned to the town, the ambience was soooooo enchanting that we chose to stop the motorcycles and have a long luncheon (4.30 pm). So we drove back to Paradise Beach. An easy supper, more chat and free evening to spend the last evening in the chrysalis!

It' s long overdue to say good-bye to this particular place. Thirty to get to Dawei Town before 2 pm and get the bike back on schedule (I took it at 2 pm 6 nights ago) because I just didn't want to get overloaded for a few inches. Dear my dear old Germans had already gone before, around 10 o'clock in the morning, so it was off now.

It' s kind of common, especially when you jump from place to place for 2-3 nights, but sometimes you meet guys with whom you've made really good connections in a few of them. At about 2 p.m. for dinner I paused at the same sweet spot when I went to the paradise bath.

I got to Dawei at 4.30 pm. The only ATM in the area is in Dawei town and I had to take out cash to buy the bike and I did it in the third ATM I tried. Like always, I've been short on the clock. It was the first big coach in Myanmar and not a mini van.

We' ve made it in 7 relaxing hour s-no underarms on my face or guys vomitting--

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