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Myanmar Dawei Beach

A lot of people are looking for the perfect beach in Myanmar. The Sinhtauk Beach near Dawei could end this search. Wonderful beaches full of stories. New Myanmar Paradise Beach user profile. The beach is one of the most important tourist attractions in Dawei.


Only 2 hrs down the road from Dawei we have some of Myanmar's best sands. Situated in the heart of the wonderful Dawei Peninsula, you will find the paradise beach you are looking for. Situated between the coastline's coastline palm trees, our chalets offer the renegade traveler or adventure-seeker looking for something new.

Savour an ice-cold Myanmar beer, either soft or hard drinks and an unbelievably savoury and modest, newly prepared regional cooking from our small restaurant, but which is able to add some really good flavours to our exquisite delicatessen. Situated on an unspoiled and uncultivated beach, surrounded by the Andaman Sea's lush vegetation, the Paradise Beach Bungalows are surrounded by uncharted scenery and we are the excursion destinations that will delight you.

Caucasian beach, clear waters, luxurious Myanmar cabins

A lot of folks are looking for the ideal beach in Myanmar. The Sinhtauk Beach near Dawei could end this quest. The secluded beach is 1.5 km long, set in lush countryside and covered with lush rainforest. We have built a row of plain but beautiful organic beach cottages half concealed under shaded saplings.

Its veranda is directly facing the Andaman Sea, ideal for stunning sundowns. There' s no Wi-Fi or 3G on the beach, but we most likely will find you a better'connection'. We are open to all explorers, outdoor enthusiasts and conscientious individuals from all over the globe. In Sinhtauk it's really about sobriety.

It' s in respectful and in complement to our lovely countryside, we provide essential comforts, a small dining room with tasty dishes and the soothing noise of the seas. There is also a lovely, shaded beach café with a wood floors where you can eat and drink cool beverages.

Adventure on the hidden beaches of Dawei, Myanmar

I' ve had my Thai visas and I' m on my way to my new destination: Burma. A small minibus took me to the frontier, got my departure postmark on the pass and put one leg on Myanmar. There I drove with 4 other Thais and Myanmar people through the "No Mans Land", which is 5 km away from the Thai frontier to the Myanmar migration bureau, where there is really and quite literally just a dust "road".

I was taken to a stand where the man from Burma held the passport for some policemen, which led to them being kept for a while. When I got my seal, I went outside to look for a coach or a lift that would take me to Dawei but couldn't find a trace of people.

Nothing, there was nothing but an empty, dust and abandoned country with building work and only one or two small containers (one of them was the foreigners office) and a small grocery store, nothing else was there. Some pickups took guys with them for a small charge, so I chose to take one.

Anyway, I was paying a $15 dude and jumping to the back of the truck, thinking it would be an easy drive. Nearly four hrs through a rough "road" (if one may call it a road), full of dirt, many stoppages and with my shallow butt that hurt every single moment I bumped into the potholes... I finally made it to Dawei.

It was a good way to get off to a great good start in Myanmar. Searching for many places, I chose to remain at Dream Emperor. The next morning I did some research in Dawei and found a really good blogs ("No Need to Archipielago"), which spoke about the still "untouched" Dawei Peninsulabeach.

I knew as I was reading more and more that I had to discover these shores (they were on the edge of Dawei). The next morning I therefore chose to hire a motorcycle from Mr. Zaza (best offers in Dawei) and drive to one of them: Suffolk Beach. When I arrived there, I found an empty beach with some garbage, but lovely, almost knows sandy and hot waters, ideal for swimming.

I went back to the motel that evening and saw an Argentinean woman who kept talkin' about the southern shores of the Dawei peninsula. She' s been there for two week and she' s been telling me how nice these beach are. The next morning I left the motel, took one of my pockets with me and chose to drive to the southern side of the peninsula.

I had a two hours drive to YWAY, a place with really good Burmesian and Thai cuisine and "real coffee". I was told to visit Paradise Beach, apparently one of the most beautiful there. I had a good roasted paddy, took some supper and went to Paradise Beach.

I opened my sleepin' bags and went to sleep on the beach. I' ve been in Paradise Beach for a few nights just to relax. I had to go back to the next city every single working week to get my meals and gas and just come back to relax.

On some of the mornings I met someone who visited me during the afternoon or lived in one of the chalets that were just beginning to be built and talked about, but that was it, I had so much free space to myself, I enjoyed it. On some of the nights I go to other shores and go to the Shin Maw Pagoda and sleep in paradise again.

I went back to York one night for dinner and ran into a certain fella called Stephen Barker. Looks like he was 40, dyed some of his fingernails, had a shawl and seemed to know everything, at least about Myanmar and the southern beach. Others asked him many snippets about the beach and later I realised he was the one who blogged "No Need to Archipielago".

After Stephen asked us for some advice, we went to other places. So we took our bicycles and went to Grandfathers Beach, one of my favourites, because it has a wonderful laguna by the sea. Later we snorkeled and saw "Grandfather", a 70 year old Myanmar man, who has a small cottage there and fishes a large part of his daily with a net and his fish.

Pete, Stephen and I were sleeping in a couch on a mound that evening (it's a short 15-minute walk) with a fantastic sight in the mornings. On the next Sunday my boyfriend Dave Stal, with whom I traveled in Varanasi (India), told me that he would take part in the Dawei Peninsula adventure.

I' d told him about these sands before and he chose to join me. I went back to Dawei to pick him up. First we drove to San Maria to relax and the next morning we made our way to the South Beach. After visiting the beach of Tizit, we first crossed a fishing town and then reached this nice but smelling ("fishy") place.

Also we went to Paradise Beach and Grandfathers Beach, saw Stephen back then and met Pete a few time. When we were looking for a meal, Dave drove to the side of a coach. When we got to the Dawei clinic, he immediately got our full concentration. He is surrounded by about 20 Myanmar nuns who take good charge of his injuries.

It was the burmesian McDreamy one, a really nice dude who did a goodjob on what he had (which wasn't that much). The next morning he couldn't get out of sleep, so I got something to eat and drink. I' ve explored the remainder of Myanmar, but that's another tale.

These were my wonderful 10 day on the Dawei Peninsula beach. When you are adventuresome and have enough free space, I suggest you visit these beautiful sandy areas.... it's definitely a reward.

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