Dawei Beach Hotel

The Dawei Beach Hotel

Daweei Travel guide - beaches - hotels "Our last exploratory voyage to Dawei in May 2015 was well past schedule since our last voyage nine years ago. To sum up, I could say that Dawei is a great place for the adventure seeker right now. While there are still no sun loungers to find and simple luxurious vacations, those who are willing to dare and even walk over some hill or rock there are some marvellous heaven' sandy spots to find.

Accommodation is possible at the beach in basic cabins throughout the day. The town of Dawei has maintained a comfortable atmosphere with few high-rise towers and many old colonial-style outbuildings. There''s definitely still a lot of old Tavoy and many tales to discover and tell at the wonderful Nabule Beach, which is about 10km long.

The deepwater harbor will eliminate the need to travel through Singapore and Malaysia to Thailand and significantly reduce the trip time. The majority of the freight is shipped to Thailand, so that the highway is very good and it is possible to travel from Bangkok to Dawei in a few years.

The long-distance trip to Dawei is still quite timeconsuming. The journey to Myeik takes about 6 hrs by coach and a little less by passenger vehicle. If you are going across the country to get to the town of Ye, it makes good practice to interrupt the journey. Except you have a little better timing. You can also take the Ye to Myanmar move to Myanmar, which is named Myanmar's slower move, but for no good cause.

Htee Khee (Tiki) on the Myanmar side is 4 hours from Dawei. From the Thai side Phu Nam Ron boarder it is another 2 hours to Kanchanaburi and Bangkok is a few hours away from Kanchanaburi. If you are arriving from Dawei by land, you will receive a 2 week visas. From Thailand, if you cross Phu Nam Ron to Htee Khee ( Tiki) and Dawei in Myanmar, you must have a Myanmar visas in your travel itinerary.

If not, one could at best make a leap across the frontiers and get a new postmark for Thailand. Now Dawei has several mid-range and internationally renowned restaurants to offer. A 5-storey hotel with rooms with cosy rooms, furnished with contemporary comfort. At present Zayar Htet San is the top hotel in Dawei.

There is a good choice of whisky and other beverages in the hotel canteen. There are currently no very appealing seaside towns in Dawei that would serve customers from the West. The Maungmakan Beach is the best on Maungmakan Beach at the present and the next best is the Coconuts Bungalows Estate, 500m from the beach.

The Maungmakan Beach Estate was opened last year and is a favourite with local people, but still needs decorations and ambience. The small backpacker bungalows of the Moroccan family. For the best Dawei beach, drive to San Maria Bay, Maungmakan Beach or 30 km to Nabule Beach.

The peninsula of Dawei also has some beautiful secluded shores 80 km from Dawei.

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