It is an Alpine town and a municipality in Prättigau/Davos in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. bc/cp="mw-headline" id="History">Geschichte[edit]>> Dvos (German pronunciation[da?fo?s][3] or[da?vo?

s];[4]Romansh: Situated in the Alps, in the Grisons, Switzerland, Tavate is a community in Prättigau/Davos. 2 ] Davos lies on the Landwasser in the Rhaetian Alps between Plessur and Albula. Davo's Dorf (lit.: "Dorf") to the north-east in the direction of Klosters and further down through Prättigau to Landquart, and Davos Platz (lit.: "Ort") to the south-west, which flows into the Landwasser plain (lit.: "Landwasser") and finally to Filisur.

It hosts the World Economic Forum (WEF), an international gathering of the world' s economic and economic elite (often called Davos ) and is home to one of the largest skiing areas in Switzerland. The yearly Spengler Cup is held here at the end of each year, organized by the HC Davos icehockey-club.

Today's occupation of the Davos region began in the High Middle Ages with the migration of the Rhaeto-Romans. Davos was first cited as Tavaus in 1213. From about 1280 the Freiherren von Vaz permitted the German-speaking Walser settlers to set up a business and granted them comprehensive self-administration laws, making Davos the biggest Walser settlements area in East Switzerland.

The locals still have an untypical Graubünden accent, which is similar to the idiom of French-speaking Switzerland, especially the Upper Valais. The League of Ten Jurisdictions was established in Davos in 1436. As of the second half of the nineteenth centuary, following the example of Soko?owsko, Davos became a favourite target for the ill and ill, as the micro-climate in the high valleys was regarded by physicians (initiated by Alexander Spengler[6]) as outstanding and suggested for pulmonary ailments.

In 1880 Robert Louis Stevenson, who was suffering from TB, hibernated in Davos on the advice of his Edinburgh doctor Dr. George Balfour. In 1899 Arthur Conan Doyle published an essay about ski in Davos. The Berghof Sannatorium in Davos is also the inspirational place for Thomas Mann's novel The Magic Mountain.

From 1936 to 1938, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, then at the end of his lifetime and since 1917 resident in Davos, portrayed Davos and the Junkerboden. Davos and the Davos Eisstadion were a place for figure skaters during the days of nature ices. Davos subsequently became a renowned skiing area, mainly visited by British and Dutch skiers.

Up to 2017 the community was in the Davos sub-district of the Prättigau/Davos region, after 2017 it belonged to the Prättigau/Davos region. Until the foundation of the commune of Glarus South in 2010, it was the biggest commune in Switzerland in area and the biggest in the Grisons area.

Davos is made up of the Davos Dorf with its two parts Davos Dorf (Davos-Village, north-east) and Davos Platz (Davos-Platz, south-west), and the Frauenkirch, Davos Glari, Davos Wiesen, Davos Monstein and Davos Clavadel as well as the Laret, Wolfgang, Obem See, Meierhof, Stilli, Bünda and Spina pastures in the Haupttal.

The Davos Pass is located in a high mountain range. The link to Kloster requires only about 70 meters of altitude from Davos village. The Davos has a sub-arctic atmosphere (Köppen Dfc) with an avarage of 124. The Davos is known throughout Switzerland for its renowned HC Davos national league (NL) icehockey outfit.

Davos is not only known for its 97 km of cross-country ski trails, but also has the biggest outdoor ski area in Europe. 28][29] The 1913 Bandy European Championship in Davos is the only one of its kind so far. Seven places of cultural inheritance of great importance are located in Davos.

The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) is part of the Davos area. There are two RhB central railway stops in Davos: village of Davos (northeast) and Davos Square (southwest). Rhb also called Davos Wolfgang and Davos Laret to Klosters, Davos Frauenkirch, Davos Glaris, Davos Monstein and Davos Wiesen to Filisur.

Davos Dorf DKB valley terminal of the Parsennbahn to Weissfluhjoch (Parsenn) is located in Davos Dorf, which leads to Schatzalp, the Davos Platz Schatzalpbahn terminal on Davos Platz. Davos Platz also has the valley terminus of the Jakobshorn aerial cableway, the Davos Platz DKB terminus (directly next to the corresponding aerial cableway station) and the chairlift to Usser Isch, namely the Carjöl valley s...

Rinerhorn is located right next to the RhB Davos Glaris railway stop. Municipality of Davos (vbd). He has several research institutes: the AO Foundation for Locomotor System and Traumatology, the Swiss Centre for Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF), the WSL Snow and Avalanche Research Centre (SLF) and the World Radiation Centre (PMOD/WRC).

Philipp Bauknecht, 1884-1933, expressionistic painting student, living in Davos since 1910. Born in 1835-1912 in Davos, Switzerland, Valentin Bühler was one of the first to write a lexicon on the regional language and one of the first on Switzerland's vernacular. The illustrator and glaze-decorator Harry Clarke, 1889-1931, living in Davos 1929-1931, laid to rest in Chur.

From 1904 Carl Dorno, 1865-1942, was living in Davos, Germany, scientist, founder of the radioclimatology and creator of the Physical-Meteorological Observatory in Davos (PMOD). Juerg Federspiel, 1931-2007, born in Davos, Switzerland. Born in 1969, Marc Forster, a West European and European film maker and producer, was raised in Davos and has been a freelancer in Davos since 2007.

Born in 1957, Thomas Hirschhorn is a young scientist who was raised in Davos. Willm Jan Holsboer, 1834-1898, Netherlandish businessman, spokesman of the spa town Davos. After 20 years in Davos, his young woman passed away from TB. He remained in Davos, married again and became the first Rhaetian Railway to be founded. From 1862-1935, Franz Holper, a well-known well-known well-known figure in Germany, painted and designed in Davos from 1901-1920 because of his tuberculous illness.

Ernest Ludwig Kirchner, 1880-1938, from 1917, a tuberculous disease sufferer, was living near Davos and deceased here. kllabund, 1890-1928, author and painters, tuberculous disease sufferer, deceased in Davos. Iberhard W. Kornfeld, 1923, Davos Collectors of Arts and Citizens of Honour, Iouri Podladtchikov (Russian: ??????? ??????? ???????????), 1988, is a Russian-Swiss snowboarding rider, Russian-born, raised in Davos, completed the Davos Sports Secondary School in 2008.

Siegenthaler, 1923-2010, medical doctor in Switzerland, Davos, Switzerland. In 1827-1901 Alexander Spengler, doctor and first TB expert in Davos, Germany and later Switzerland (Davoser). 1958-1937 Carl Spengler, Alexander's son, 1860-1937, doctor, bacteriologist, creator of immune therapy with Spengler's San colloid, an appliance of the homeopathic principle, and Davos icehockey players, creator and eponym of the Spengler Cup.

He was Lucius Spengler, 1858-1923, Alexander's father, who was a doctor and specialized in TB in Switzerland. Robert-Louis Stevenson, 1850-1894, author, tuberculous in Davos. Taeuber-Arp, 1889-1943, made in Davos, Switzerland, artist, sculptress, textile-artist. John Guler von Wyneck, 1562-1637, Davos, Grisons citizen, year of birth, officer and provincial governor. Wyss, Ursula, born 1973 in Davos, former National Councillor (1999-2013) and present City Councillor of Berne.

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