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Embassy of Denmark Myanmar

Danish Embassy in Myanmar. Today the Danish Embassy in Myanmar supported the launch of the app. Meet Charge d'Affaires Ulrich Sørensen, Danish Embassy, Representative in Yangôn. The Danish Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen. How does the new government of Myanmar communicate your message on this issue?

what we do

Myanmar's transformation that has opened the way for more FDI. In this context, the institution is playing a key part. In Yangon, we have set up a center named the Myanmar Center for Responsible Bussiness (MCRB). It is an effort to promote good governance in all of Myanmar. It provides a trustworthy, unbiased platform for dialogues, workshops and briefs for stakeholders and provides easy acces to global knowledge and toolbox.

The MCRB is an important autonomous forum for companies, civic groups, academia and government - locally and internationally - to get together, share information and develop capacity for good governance in Myanmar. Myanmar has seen a decline in the Rule of law and judicial accessibility for several years now.

Subverting the judicial professions during this time has been an important obstacle to judicial entry in the state. Consequently, the countrys current lack of a powerful judicial system able to bring fairness to the population. It is part of a British Council-led program entitled "My Justice", dedicated to promoting judicial accessibility for the rich and the marginalized throughout Myanmar.

It will make available to the judicial centers in six Myanmar provinces specialist technology, which will include the education of attorneys and legal assistants to support the centers and towns. My Justice" will take a community-driven and locally-led attitude to enable local churches to find answers to the issues they face.

It will provide judicial service in the countryside and strengthen the ability of municipalities to solve their own litigation and conflict through facilitation and local counsel. Myanmar's judicial training has seriously deteriorated since the 1960', as has the whole third level educational system. Myanmar has shut down its campuses several times since the 1962-1999 war.

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