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Daily News is an English language newspaper in Sri Lanka. The Daily News, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Comply with the Daily News: Newspaper of Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited. Newest tweets from Daily News (@DailyNews_lk).

Egight students from Thai caves liberated

Rescue workers working in a cavern in the north of Thailand have shut down for a whole days after they brought four more young..... At the Lotus roundabout in Colombo, a group of company staff protested..... A group of independent Colombo City Councillor Krishnapillai Thirubanandan aka Krishna was killed by a stranger....

G.C.E. (O.L.) conducts examinations abroad for the benefit of expatriates from Sri Lanka..... Forty of the young were saved from the Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai county, nine of them are still in the trap..... The Indian naval ship Trikand visited the port of Colombo on Saturday for a three-day trip.....

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Daily News is an Anglophone paper in Sri Lanka. The report is now issued by Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (Lake House), a state-owned company. Publication of the paper began on January 3, 1918.[1]D. Today's paper is widely spread, with photos in both colour and monochrome.

Day-of-the-week prints cover the bulk with news about domestic matters, interna-tional matters, economics, policy analyses, sport, editorials und views. A free insert is published every Thursday in the popular newspaper "Wisdom". Additionally, the Daily News offers the Sri Lanka Gazette as a side dish every Friday. Lalith Allahakkoon is the latest editor-in-chief of the daily news.

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