Daily Khabrain Newspaper in Urdu

Khabrain daily newspaper in Urdu

Our E-Paper Online NEWS reading website provides you with the latest news every day. The Daily Khabrain is a urdu language paper of the khabrain group of newspapers. khabarain epaper's editor is Imtanan Shahid. You can read the free daily newspaper Daily Khabrain in Urdu (??

??) from Pakistan: Asia. The Daily Khabrain (Urdu: ??????? ?????) is a Pakistani daily newspaper.

Khabrain Urdu Daily Newspaper Lahore Today iPaper

The Daily Khabrain is one of Pakistan's most widely read Urdu newspapers, which has been appearing in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, Hyderabad, Muzaffarabad and Sukkur since 1992. Khabrain is established by Zia Shahid and edited by the Khabrain Group of Newspapers. His format is the newspaper Tabloid. The tabloid is a newspaper with a smaller page format than a spreadsheet.

Khabrain appears daily at the same time from the big towns of Pakistan, the striking issues of Khabrain Akhbar: Khabrain LahoreDaily Khabrain MultanDaily Khabrain IslamabadDaily Khabrain RawalpindiDaily Khabrain SargodhaDaily Khabrain MuzaffarabadDaily Khabrain KarachiDaily Khabrain FaisalabadDaily Khabrain GujranwalaDaily QuettaDaily Khabrain Khabrain PeshawarKhabrain Newspaper has succeeded in maintaining its standing among the population and the environmental service branch thanks to its authentically and authentically written reports.

Daily updated messages and press releases are available in the Online Edition. The Roznama Khabrain is a 16 page tabloids newspaper and the Daily Khabrain is only 13 Rupies, which guarantees simple to use. Its design and composition was a consummate balancing of top-notch contents, ensuring the commitment of every readership.

Especially the two pages and paragraphs are the most popular with the reader; the first are daily Khabrain articles that have been published by the rather well known Pakistaniists. Khabrain Daily Khabrain LahoreDaily Khabrain Jobs KarachiDaily Khabrain IslamabadDaily Khabrain Jobs PeshawarDaily KhabrainDaily KhabrainDaily Khabrain Jobs RawalpindiDaily Khabrain Jobs QuettaDaily Khabrain Jobs BahawalpurDaily Khabrain Jobs LahoreDaily For Those Who Want to Read Daily Khabrain www.khabrain.com. Ils peuvent visiter le site officiel du Khabraineer.

Khabrain Daily On-line, which runs under the name Khabrain ePaper, is also very popular among folks for having read the latest Daily Khabrain News headslines broadcast directly from the main website. Everyday Khabrain ePaper is also available under the name of the towns, if you are interested in getting one, it can be named as:

The best thing about daily Khabrain is that you will find here the newest and oldest daily Khabrain newspaper. It was made possible by making sure that the readers could receive the newspaper they wanted without any work.

This way you can easy literate daily khabrain past or daily khabrain earlier papers on-line. The Khabrain Group of Inspapers also releases Naya Akhbar and Khabrain Sunday Magazine, which are also very loved by Urdu-speaking readers. Daily Khabrain is also available and you can also get the latest Khabrain YouTube daily newscasts.

Khabrain newspaper's e-mail is web@Khabrain.com.pk. Khabrain can be contacted daily by e-mail or by phone at the numbers listed on the website. They can also connect with Daily Khabrain on Daily Khabrain Facebook. Khabrain Karachi daily office: Ph: (021) 111-55-88-55, Daily Khabrain Islamabad Office:

Khabrain Multan daily office: Khabrain Muzafarabad daily office: Khabrain Sukkar daily office: Khabrain Hyderabad daily office: Khabrain Peshawar daily office:

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