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Jang Urdu Daily Newspaper

Everyday Jang Epaper Rawalpindi Akhbar in Urdu Read the online edition of Roznama Jang for current and updated news. Jang Newspaper Daily Today Akhbar ePaper read online for Jang latest news, classified ads, jobs, live geo TV and much more. The Jang Newspaper Jobs Jang Group of Newspapers is the largest group of Pakistani newspapers. Its a primordial newspaper, The Daily Jang. Nizami Arif (Urdu: ?

???? ??????), is a Pakistani journalist and former editor of the Pakistani newspaper The Nation.

Rawalpindi Karachi Jang Daily Urdu newspaper

The Jang Daily Newspaper Urdu The daily newspaper Jang was founded in 1939 by Mir Khalil ur Rehman and his boy Mir Shakil ur Rehman takes care of newspaper issues and is managing director. The daily Jang is not just released at Pakistani but also from London England.

Everyday jang raysalpindi quitta faiisalabad zargodha qarachi llahore multihors released at the same moment, Jang newspaper has latest print technique for Urdu typing. Jang Daily Newspaper began the first time in Pakistan. The Daily Jang is the most beloved newspaper in Pakistan and it is thought to publish more than 800,000 specimens per year.

Jang Urdu Daily Newspaper updates its reader of the latest, topical and breaking newspaper daily Jang also offer sport, economy, politics, employment and meteorological newscasts. The Jang Group also released a Sunday and weekly newspaper. The daily Jang paper is also available on-line.

Jang Newspaper Urdu Rawalpindi Daily News Today

The Daily Jang, a daily newspaper for Pakistanis. It is a special kind of bookset that provides a profound understanding and information about all the latest novelties and gossip of the celebs. This is one of the oldest and most widely read newspapers. Now it becomes a group called Jang Group of Newspapers.

She is known all over the land and the foreigners want this newspaper also in their own states. He has appeared in Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Bahwalpur, Sheikhupura, Sialkot, Gujraat, Sukkur, Faisalabad, Sargodha and Dera Ghazi Khan. The name of Pakistan is'ROZNAMA JANG'. The headquarters are located in Karachi, the commercial town of Pakistan.

Most importantly, the newspaper's creator is Mir Khalil ur Rehmaan. The Daily Jang is one of the best and most important Urdu newspapers for Pakistan. Humans used to beetles in this paper. It' an Urdu newspaper and the whole newspaper is written in the national tongue.

Yang Akhbar benefits are in large numbers. The franchisees give their advertisements to the newspaper for advertising is one of the biggest benefits. Everyone concession knows about the standard of this area so they give the message of their institution for message and believe me that it really works a achiever transaction.

The majority of Urdu authors are part of this adaptation by Jung. Those who enjoy their native languages are engaged in this field and are writing various essays for the newspaper and the staff in this area. The daily Jang Newspaper and its industry are also active in Pakistan's film industry.

The latest reports have said that they are going to help the coming Pakistan iMinto. Best of all, they have all the information about every writer in Pakistan and can help with the filming. Each old man was reading the newspaper of Jung because of the interesting article about the various points and celebs.

Jang ePaper's authors are well-known. Your industry publishes more papers such as The Newspaper International, Daily Newspaper and Daily Awaam. It' they call the newspaper of it. The front page of the paper will be more attractive for the good new year. You also became part of a newscast station named Geo Newspaper and also published an evenings newspaper with text and diction.

Karachi publishes all the papers and this newspaper has deserved a lot of attention and these papers are kept in almost every household.

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