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Newspaper ePaper Today Edition Lire la publication gratuite en ligne en Burmesisch (?????

) Aus Myanmar. Newspapers were never allowed in Myanmar, but they are now. The weekly newspaper is published online in English and Burmese. Read the free daily Daily Eleven from Myanmar: Global New Light of Myanmar.

Nation Group, Eleven Media launches daily English in Myanmar, plus onlineversion

Eleven-Nation Myanmar Eleven ", the English daily newspaper, is published by Eleven-Nation Metal Co Ltd. in mid-February. "In Myanmar there is a great need for information after the reform process, but the availability is still restricted, especially in English language only. Myanmar needs know-how in business, medias and communication after two years of reform.

There has been a gradual development in the mediascape. The most important change is that the federal administration has approved daily papers in the state. "The Myanmar audio-visual community has embarked on a new age. Dailies were never permitted in Myanmar, but they are now. Eleven Medias is a biweekly newspaper publishing company and they are the leaders with five fold more bookings than the second on the market," said Pana Janviroj, Chairman of Nation News Network Co, editor of The Nation.

One of the most interesting changes was the government's move to end newspaper publishing six month ago. "Thepchai said, "We want to place Myanmar Eleven in the same stance as The Nation as an independant newspaper. For NMG, the Myanmar based expanding into the Myanmar based press industry is a good chance to make NMG and its affiliate Eleven Medium more competive for the ASEAN Economic Community to join by the end of 2015.

For more than a year, the two enterprises have been getting ready for the introduction of the English-language daily newspaper. Heraeus has a share of Bt 40 million, of which the Myanmar side holds 51 percent and NMG the remainder. Myanmar Eleven" would have an initial print run of 20,000 units per year.

Of course, the reader is not restricted to those who live in Myanmar, but includes others who want to know about businesses and investment in the state. Myanmar Eleven" will concentrate its editing activities on delivering Myanmar related information and messages to the reader, but in the light of the fact that it is a member of ASEAN.

It also fills the gaps between Myanmar and other member states of the region. "This is the area in which we can contribute and assist by bringing our knowledge and our experiences to the commercial and political scene. The new daily also benefits from its affiliation with the Asia News Network, an association of 22 top papers in 19 countries," said Pana.

As the AEC begins and Myanmar is undergoing a rapid rate of change, there is a growing need for information and newsworthiness. "The Myanmar Eleven" is able to meet this growing need from Myanmar and beyond.

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