Daily Bangla Newspaper

Bangla Daily Newspaper

Newspapers is very popular in Bangladesh. People in Bangladesh like to read Bengali news. The Bangla Newspapers and Indian Bangla Newspapers are the leading Bangla newspapers worldwide. Prothom Alo from Dhaka appears daily. Amader Shomoy (?

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Bangla Daily Newspaper

The Bengal Gazette or Calcutta General Advertiser, a two-page English newspaper, was the first newspaper on the sub-continent according to the contemporary newspaper world. The book was released by James Augustus Hicky from Calcutta on January 29, 1780. In the next six years, four magazines from Calcutta appeared:

The Calcutta Gazette (février 1784), Bengal Journal (durch Regierungsinitiative im Februar 1785), Oriental Magazine of Calcutta Amusement (avril 1785) et Calcutta Chronicle (février 1786). Bengal Journal's publisher has been put in prison. Bengal owner Harkara Charles Maclean (1798), Calcutta Journal publisher James Silk Buckingham (1823), his follower Arnott (1823) and many others shared the same destiny because of their fierce anti-government stance.

Newspapers that appeared in Calcutta until 1818 were in English and issued and administered by the Europeans. First Bengali journal was Monsignor Digdarshan, which appeared in Kolkata in April 1818. Sergeampoor has released this month's issue. In May 1818, the Bengali daily Samachar Darpanwas also launched the missions.

In 1856 the first English newspaper was issued in 1856 in Dhaka, and it was issued by ARP Forbes. Between 1860-61 at least four weeklies or monthlies were issued from the former Ostbengalen: Rankpur Dikprakash (from Kakina of Rangpur), Kobita Kusumabali (Dhaka), Monpanjika (Dhaka) and Davidakash. There were 38 journals in Bengal in 1873, 10 of which were issued in East Bengal.

They were Dhaka Prakash, Mohapapap and Balyabibaha from Dhaka; Gram Doot, Balaranjika, Hitasandhani and Barisal Barta from Barisal; Hindu Ranjika from Rajshahi and Rangpur Dikprakash from Rangpur. During the 1971 Revolutionary Wars, the newspaper printing and publishing industries were outraged. From 25 to 31 March, the Pakistan military burned down three daily papers - The People, Dainik Ittefaq and Sangbad - with office space and printing machines.

Before 16 December 1971 there were ten papers in Bangladesh. Following the freeing, the Dainik Pakistan and Morning News from the Pakistan Press Trust and The Pakistan Observer, Purbodesh and Chitrali were absent and the new administration took over. The Ministry of Information managed these papers via a director.

The Bichitra newsmagazine was published in 1972 as Dainik Bangla-Publikation. It was on 16 June 1975 that the French authorities prohibited the publishing of all but four daily newspapers: Lawrence Ittefaq, Dainik Bangla, Bangladesh Observer and Bangladesh Times. Some important daily papers are Ittefaq, Prothom Alo, Janakantha, Inquilab, Ajker Kagoj, Bhorer Kagoj, Banglabazar Patrika, Mukta Kantha, Bangladesh Observer, Daily Star, Financial Express, Independent and New Nation.

A large number of national and international readership can find papers and magazines there on the web. According to the results of 2008, more than 1,000 daily papers and magazines will be released in the state.

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