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The Roznama Daily Aaj newspaper Read online publishing from Abbottabad, Peshawar, Islamabad and Karachi simultaneously. Aaj Roznama Peshawar Akhbar read online today ePaper edition for daily Aaj Peshawar and Abbottabad news in Urdu. Aaj Roznama Aaj Epaper dailyaaj.com. pk Read Online For Today Aaj Akhbar News in Urdu Publishing From Abbottabad Peshawar Islamabad et Karachi.

Aaj Daily Newspaper tenders ads in government and private sector of Pakistan in scanned form for () ads on Paperpk. com. Aaj Subh, Peshawar, Pakistan, daily.

Aaj ePaper Today Online Akhbar News Every Day

Since 1989 Aaj has appeared daily from Abbottaabad, Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. It' a Pakistani newspaper in Urdu. It's quite famous. Aaj daily with precise information about the latest happenings in Pakistan. Aaj Roznama is one of the most authentic sources for the latest Urdu press releases.

The Aaj Newspaper contains 12 pages of info-matin incl. the front page, city page, international page, district page, property page, column page, Aap ki Awaz, sports page, showbiz page and the back. It' available in Pakistan for 12 rupees. Mr. Yousaf Ali Zai the editor-in-chief and Mr. Habib ur Rahman the coordinator of Aaj News.

The Aaj Newspaper also features its on-line issue known as Daily Aaj ePaper for its on-line reader. It is too low in comparison to other Pakistani papers, but for those who do not have an account for its printed form, they can go to the offical website: www.dailyaaj.com.pk for simple one-click use.

This website has all 12 pages together with old newspaper issues for old papers. See Aaj TV Live Newsbelow:: Online. To view the issues of Aaj Peshawar or Aaj Abbottabad, click on the link below:

Aaj Abbottabad Daily Newspaper | ?? ?? ??????? ???? ???? ??

The daily newspaper Aaj Abbottabad has been appearing in Abbottaabad Pakistan since 1989. This is Abbottabad's original language newspaper and one of the most widely read newspapers from Abbottabad. Aaj Roznama Abbottabad provides detailed information on what is going on in Abbottabad and other Pakistani citys. Abbottabad Aaj newspaper is one of the most authentic sources of updates messages in the city.

Abbottabad Aaj News comprises 12 pages, among them the front page, the city page, the international page, the district page, the features page, the column page, Aap ki Awaz, the sports page, the showbiz page and the back. Mr. Yousaf Ali Zai is the chief journalist and Mr. Habib ur Rahman is the coordinator of Aaj Abbottabad News. Age Abbottabad also released its on-line issue known as Age Abbottabad ePaper for those who are not able to buy its print copy or want to daily age Abbottabad ePaper now.

Aaj Abbottabd's official website is: www.dailyaaj.com.pk On the Aaj News website you can also find earlier issues of Aaj Akhbar newspapers. To view the Daily Aaj Peshawar issue, click on the links below:

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