Dahlia Motel Pyin U Lwin

The Dahlia Motel Pyin U Lwin

Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo): Their comfort is our goal. We' ve created a relaxing retreat that you can imagine as your home when you're in the area. Ah, Dahlia Motel, in the green. Pyin U Lwin.

Dahlias Motel

It' s no wonder that so many movie teams, bike associations, railroad fans, backpack tourists and individual travelers find their way to the Dahlia Motel. You will be warmly welcomed before setting off again to enjoy the adventure and natural beauty of this first-class city. In the cold winters you can also feel the beauty of the place.

It'?s our motel: No matter what season you come to our Highland Paradise, you will never ever get over the attractions, the sound and the wonderful refreshing and refreshing cold breeze. Whenever you come, the Dahlia Motel will give you a great and traditionally welcome!


The Dahlia Motel is your home! We' ve designed a relaxing haven that you can imagine as your home when you're in the area. Whether you are travelling for work or for leisure, we can provide you with a full range of travel service. If you are planning your trip, please consider us for your trip.

Our rooms are easily accessible and have all the facilities and conveniences you need. We' ve made it simple and secure to book and make payments on-line - get in touch with us now! We have a pleasant and supportive team.

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