Dagon Seikkan Township Map

Draga Seikkan Township Map

The Dagon Seikkan Township is an urban community in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar). The Dagon Seikkan Myothit (Township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. The Dagon Myothit ("Seikkan") township is an urban community of Yangon, Myanmar. Industrial Zone, Dagon Seikkan Township, Yangon. The Dagon Seikkan Township in Myanmar.

Municipality of Dagon Seikkan

The municipality of Dagon Seikkan is bordered to the N by the municipality of Hlegu, to the NW by the municipality of South Dagon, to the SW by the municipality of Thaketa and to the E AST and SEE by the municipality of Thanlyin. Bordering the Bago River to the west and to the southheast. Linked sites are provided by ubiquitous.ad. When the reader clicks on these hyperlinks, both the site that displays the link and the site that displays it may be remunerated.

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Municipality of Dagon Seikkan

Ayeyarwun and Yadana affordably priced properties in Dagon Seikkan Municipality are situated about 15 kilometers eastern of the Yangon Central Business District. Once complete, the construction areas will result in an estimate of 20,000 residential unit with 2-room-flats. In addition to the construction of accessible accommodation to cover the increasing needs for accommodation, the area is extensively designed with a broad palette of soft, pedagogical, leisure and business establishments that offer comfort and livelihood.

Municipality of Dagon Seikkan

The Dagon Seikkan Township is included in the Yangon Power Authority list. The mentioned adress is in Yangon, . Dagon Seikkan Township can be contacted at 01 593464, 09 788338131 or 1178/A, Kanaung Min Thar Gyi Road, Corner of Bago River Road, Ward (91), Dagon Seikkan, Yangon, Myanmar. Site plan of DAGON SEIKKAN TOWNSHIP and adress 1178/A, Kanaung Min Thar Gyi Rd., corner Bago River Rd., Ward (91),, Dagon Seikkan, Yangon, Myanmar.

In the municipality of Dagon Seikkan new apartments will be offered for purchase in October

Recently constructed homes under the Yadanar and Ayerwut affordably residential developments in Dagon Seikkan Township, Yangon, will go on for sale in instalments starting in October, according to Kyaw Soe, the local minister of construction, forestry and energy. Initial residential construction project phases, which will be implemented by the Settlement and Residential Construction Department, will consist of 7,200 residential buildings and will be marketed according to the orders of the Ministry of Construction and the Yangon local authorities.

"The first stage comprises 7,200 homes. The Yangon local authorities will allocate some of this amount, which will go on the market in October. A lot of such residential developments run in places like Hlaingtharyar, Dagon Seikkan and North Dagon, but most are too costly for low-incomeers. Flats already purchased in the North Dagon community cost between Ks 200,000 and Ks 300,000.

New, reasonably priced homes in the Hlaingtharyar area, on the edge of Yangon, are between 110,000 and 125,000 Ks. In several cases, winning lots could not pay for a deposit for the flats.

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