Dagon Seikkan Township

Municipality of Dagon Seikkan

The Dagon Seikkan Township (Burmese: ?????

?????? ????????) is a municipal community of Yangon, Burma (Myanmar).

The Dagon Seikkan and the way to dissatisfaction

A NLD legislator on the east side of Yangon is confronted with allegations from some industry members that she has concentrated on a particular station where she has ownership of real estate. No. 78 is one of the calmest parts of the municipality of Dagon Seikkan, next to the Bago River in the east of Yangon.

It is home to only 200 inhabitants. Across Ponnami Road, the major road that Dagon Seikkan crosses from Northeast to Sortheast, are the neighboring 93 and 94 stations. A number of inhabitants of these two stations lament that they have been ignored by the state. You accuse a member of the parliament who, in her opinion, prefers to work on developing the 78 station because she has commercial interests there.

Daw Phyu Phyu Khine was voted for the National League of Democracy in the 2015 parliamentary elections in the Yangon region by Dagon Seikkan-1. The NLD Dagon Seikkan Bureau, a member of the NLD since 2012, is run from her house in Station 94. They also run a health care center on the same wards.

However, people say that Phyu Phyu Phyu Khine has several properties in District 78 and wants to relocate and extend her hospital in the area. She has been charged with prioritizing the development of District 78, which includes new streets and a farm, at the cost of other parts of the township.

So angry are more than a decade inhabitants in 93 and 94 stations that they filed an formal complaint with the NLD Appeals Board in February. NLD Appeals Commissioner U Myo Nyunt said that an inquiry had been closed in March and Phyu Phyu Khine had been freed from any misconduct.

He said, however, that the EESC is prepared to open a new inquiry if new proof is presented. Phyu Phyu Khine, NLD subsidiary manager and member of the Township Management Board, has a significant impact on how the township's budgets are used. Out of the 24 streets constructed in their constituencies in 2017-18, 16 were on the 78th and only three on the 94th floor.

There were no streets constructed at Station 93. Between 2018-19, she suggested that more than 10 streets in municipality 78 be constructed, but no budgetary resources were provided for her area. It was founded in 1993; most of its inhabitants were relocated from unofficial villages in the township of Thingangyun and a neighbouring town.

Although it is one of the liveliest areas of the township, it has no markets, no badly maintained streets and gardens. The situation on the Bago River means that it is flooded on a regular basis during strong rainfall, the inhabitants say. He said he had been spending many years encouraging policy makers to improve streets and implement a new sewerage system on the station, but no measures were taken.

Phyu Phyu Phyu Khine held her own in an interrogation with Frontier. It said that many streets in 93 and 94 stations are already specific, so when it requested the Dagon Seikkan administration to expand more streets, it was of course that the less advanced 78 station would be given priority.

"I' ve also thought about how we can make transport more convenient for our voters - not just those in the 78 station, but all my voters," she said, and added that she also planned to promote to the administration the establishment of a store in the 93 station. They acknowledged that they had properties in District 78, but said they had no idea to open their shop there.

The inhabitants of Station 78 are naturally delighted with the developments. "We' ve had a small evolution since 2012, complete with power and a cement road in front of the convent that was constructed last year," he said. However, the quarrel has provoked resentments in some of the more densely settled areas of Dagon Seikkan.

A complainant, Ko Kyaw Aung, said he still hopes the parties will take legal proceedings against Phyu Phyu Khine.

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