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Wow, you really made your way out! My chief strategist David Axelrod, who stood by me every step of the way as a partner. The best campaign team ever assembled in the history of politics! funnyjunk.com DO U KNOW DA WEI?

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Do you know what that "do you know" is? Memes?

So generally the meme began on January 1, 2018, when the GregZilla youthuber post a report for Don Nick's Prodigal Word on youthube with an animated featuring Knuckles, a letter in the Sunny Cosmos, in a short and bolder shape. This is what they call Ugandan ankles now. Uganda Knuckles became so much loved thanks to VRchat, a VRchat, a real-life simulation tool.

Many Ugandan ankles ran around VRchat thanks to the 3-D modelling to create your own characters within the world. Here I really got mad at all the teenager guys who run around on VRchat as Ugandans. Beside the run around shouting "DID YOU KNOW THE WHAT????????". The Ugandans also made cackling noises that apparently imitated the articulations of some South Africans' tongues, and then crackling jokes about the Ebola warbird.

It was said "a disgrace to see how seriously men take memes". Meanwhile, Roblox has banished Ugandan ankles from the match.

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