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located in Kamaryut, Myanmar. City Cyber Co, Ltd address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Technical University, Yatanarpon Cyber City (UTY). The Yatanarpon Cyber City (Burmese: ??

????? ??????? ???????) is the largest information technology center in Myanmar. Zarlitaung Housing, Ngwepyitha Avenue, Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.

39 Company Yadanarpon Cyber City Company Projects

Thirty nine domestic and international corporations have shown interest in building the New Mandalay Resort City in Pyin Oo Lwin Cyber City, also known as Yadanarpon, in Pyin Oo Lwin citieship, said the region's Housing and Urban Development Departmen. In February, the Ministry of Construction issued a call for expressions of interest (EOI), and 39 businesses have filed their requests, says U Thet Naing, head of group.

EOI is open until Saturday, U Thet Naing added. "We' ve told all the firms selling in Nay Pyi Taw on March 12th the EOI request form so they can ask us what they don't know (about the project),' he said. However, U Thet Naing said that the federal administration will not know who will apply officially for the contract until the call for proposals is open.

Said that among the overseas firms that have shown interest in the scheme are Japanese, Chinese and Southern Kors. This will consist of local government ministers, Ministry of Construction officers and other non-governmental experts," said U Thet Naing. Aiming to develop a 10,000 hectare spa town in Obermyanmar using information technologies, the program is being carried out.

It is chaired by the Construction Secretary and each of the committees consists of a number of local and regional governments. "We welcome EOI's for stage one and stage three," he said. Stage one encompasses 2200 acre, incl. industry, living, education and healthcare areas. Stage two, which will cover an area of 2919 hectares, will include a living and developing area, administration, agro-industrial and SME areas, as well as parklands and services-zone.

Stage three will cover 4744 acres and will involve high-quality residential units, reasonably priced apartments, a golf course and an agricultural area.

Yadanabon Myanmar Cyber City Projekt in work

One of the country's infrastructure for the advanced ICT deployment, a cyber-city projects named Ayadanabon in the north of Myanmar, is at an early stage of fast deployment, according to recent reporting from MYROM. Situated in the undulating Pyin Oo Lwin near a motorway and 67 kilometres eastwards of Mandalay, Myanmar's second biggest city, the up-and-coming cyber city of Myanmar, extends over an area of 7,000 acre (2,835 hectares).

Cyber-City includes the manufacture of handset equipment, the design of computer applications, the construction of advanced infrastructures such as teleports and incubators capable of receiving and reproducing information networks, and some residential developments, according to the Ministry of Communications, Post and Telegraphs.

According to the Chinese Yunnan provinces, Pyin Oo Lwin is at a point through which a planned CNG line, which will transport Myanmar's Rakhine off-shore methane to China, will pass in the Northwest. In order to encourage FDI in these areas, Myanmar has provided opportunities for both domestic and international businesses to participate in the ICT businesses in the Cyber City and has provided land for FDI and FDI with equivalent opportunities for the development of the Si mining city, the Computer Entrepreneurs' Association said.

One final step in relation to the current Cyber City investment was that the Department of Communications will buy communications from Alcatel Shanghai Bell Co Ltd of China under a June 11 in Nay Pyi Taw contracted, the news said. A Memorandum of Understanding between the China-based business and Myanmar's privately-owned Htoo Corporation has also been launched to work together to implement the Cyber City projects, according to stories in the regional press, according to which the project's cableport system will be up and running by December.

Firm is also looking for Investment in Yadanabon Cyber City projects, officials said. As part of the ASEAN Integration Initiative (IAI), Myanmar has launched an ICT Integration Networking Integration Programme and is also implementing in-depth programmes to network global networking in accordance with the MDP.

Myanmar has set up the e-National Task Force to assist IT developments as a signature of the e-ASEAN Framework Agreement launched at the Singapore Council in 2000. Since 2003, the state has also been signatories to a number of declarations of intent on ICT developments with Malaysian, Thai and South Korean enterprises.

In early 2001, Myanmar launched an e-education system and established an ICT parking (now Myanmar Info-Tech) in Yangon and another ICT parking in Mandalay in two subsequent years to offer ICT service in the state. Meanwhile, some locally-based privately owned enterprises in Myanmar are ready to make new high-speed communications circuits available to web surfers as part of a co-operation programme being expanded to the residential market by the state-owned Myanmar Post and Telecommunications under the Department, which is currently the only provider of new web access in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, according to telecom regulators, the number of people using the web has risen to almost 300,000, up from just 12 four years ago. Myanmar has introduced several e-government tools such as e-visa, e-passport, e-procurement and representation forms for the administration of governments. Myanmar's e-government is part of the e-ASEAN Framework Agreement agreed at a 2000 Singapore region level to fill the IT gaps between the ten ASEAN members.

Watchers said here that despite obvious successes in ICT, Myanmar still has a long way to go as there are problems opening up the web and common phone line failures. You said that the coming into being of the cyber city of Yandanabon would not only reduce the gaps in economic growth among local members, but would also promote Myanmar's ICT growth and offer the nation many employment possibilities.

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