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In Myanmar, the vocational education organization runs a prototyping academy together with its Swiss head office - a three-year business and a high schools (for students of the fifth to the eighth grade) in Yangon..... It is the goal of the Primary Education Program to give young Burmese students the chance to receive a quality education according to the needs of the labour markets.

Swiss experts provide occupational instruction, are accountable for the initial and further qualification of teaching staff and for the overall managerial work. We offer five different courses: trade, carpentry, locksmithery, electrical engineering as well as assistant caterers. Berufsschule follows a two-tier system of apprenticeship as practiced in Switzerland.

Trainees work 5 working day in a vocational apprenticing enterprise and visit the CVT-Schule once a weeks. We also offer internships lasting between 1 and 3 wks. Once the trainees have successfully completed their three-year apprenticeship, they are awarded a certificate of professional performance. Young people who have not completed their official schooling due to economic and societal factors will have another opportunity at E4Y.

This is the E4Y's way of preparing young people for subsequent VET. One of the key aspects of the course is the further education of the students' curricula and the career advancement of native-speaking masters. In Myanmar, gifted young people have the possibility to receive skilled and well-founded occupational education in precisely specified missions.

Reinforcing professional education, in particular the support of craft and business at SME levels, will help Myanmar's sustained develop. The aim of the further education is to provide young persons in Myanmar with professional education that meets the needs of the job markets and contributes to a significant improvement in this area.

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