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The Myanmar Customs Brokers Association welcomes you. A number of customs and traditions date from the British colonial period. Burma continues to use English accounting systems and legal systems. The Myanmar Customs Service has been established since the Royal Kingdom of Myanmar according to historical records. Sites), other pages of the arrival entry chop through custom and approved.

Customs, Currency & Airport Taxation Terms and Conditions

terms of importation Free-of-charge imports - Called 400 cigs or 50 smokes or 250 g tobaccos; - 2 litres of alcohol; - 150 millilitres of fragrance; - goods for private use up to a maximum value of $500; - electric and electronical goods up to a maximum value of $500; - handheld (video) cameras, high definition cameras or DV cameras and 1 replacement batteries; - handheld computers; - adequate amount of medication for family use.

Any jewelry must be declare upon your return. Myanmar citizens must have a re-entry visa for previouslyxported jewelry. Every crop or crop (seeds, onions, chopped blossoms, fruits and vegetables) requires a phytosanitary certificate and must be labelled. Exports regulations: Gemstones (set or un-set), jewelry, silver goods or handicrafts bought in Myanmar: a specific sales slip or an authorised dealer's slip is needed.

Tariff provisions for members of the crew: The same rules as those applicable to travelers are applicable. Animals must be certified and registered for control on arriving. In the case of a cat or dog, the medical certification must certify that the pet has been immunised against the disease at least one calendar week before the date of receipt. Rules for baggage handling:

Luggage will be checked in at the first Myanmar International Airfield. Import conditions currency: Myanmar Kyat-MMK: forbidden. Languages: unrestricted. Myanmar citizens must declaring all non-Myanmar languages on arriving. Aliens must pay more than $10,000 or an appropriate amount. Exchange rate for exports: Myanmar Kyat-MMK: forbidden. Myanmar citizens: Exports are subject to authorization; - Foreigners: indefinitely, with evidence of title.

Airport-tax is charged on all passengers: 1st departure from Myanmar on intercontinental flights:

Welcome to Myanmar Customs Brokers Association

The Myamar business quickly expanding in the 1989s, mainly due to the enormous expansion in the nation's imports and exports industries, electronic, agriculture, furnishings and other processing industries to trade goods, through the harbor and airports as well as throughout the state and the area as a consequence of the promotion and cooperation of the government.

The Customs Clearane sector therefore assumed a more important and proactive part, but the pace of its development led to fierce competition and tremendous economic development in the huge size of the markets, and many felt that the sector was lacking guidance, as the sector was not regulated and had no control structure to provide customs clearance according to these global norms.

In order to tackle the difficulties faced by the customs profession, a group of customs agents met and eventually agreed to set up an organisation that would serve the whole area. In 1984, Myanmar began the practise of the H.S. Code Thus; the Director General of Myanmar's Customs Department was a member of this initial group of proposals to establish an alliance of customs handlers, which was presented to the Ministry of Commerce.

The Association of Myanmar customs office was formally opened in 1997/98.

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