The Curro is an Andalusian diminutive of the male first name Francisco. " curro" in Xavier Varela Barreiro & Xavier Gómez Guinovart: Equity analysis for Curro Holdings Ltd (COH:Johannesburg) including share price, share chart, company news, key figures, fundamental data and company profile. The Curro Holdings Limited is active in the provision of independent schools and educational institutions. Curro, prote's grandfather, needs URGENT WELCOME pq to have a urinary tract infection so he can't do anything in his place.

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Kurro rejects accusations of discriminatory behaviour in top schools

The Curro said on Saturday that an impartial inquiry into the supposed discrimination at the Waterfall Primary Preschool found the assertions "factually wrong". This, after the Mail and Guardian on Friday covered accusations of employees and families claiming "racist working practices", which led to the resignation of three schoolteachers. One of the instructors said in the paper that instructors - apparently all of them in colour - used different teachers' rooms for the instructors who were clueless.

It is said that this has been altered after a complaint from a parent. For the paper, the lady also said that her promotions were postponed, while "less skilled whites were named teachers". Someone else said she stepped down because less skilled whitey workers were earning more than she did, while others said the kids should not call them" teachers".

Twenty families investigated the accusations and found differences in pay and "dissatisfaction with the cultural life at school". According to reports, there have been sessions and a note has been sent to the CEO of Curro. Asked when the inquiry was carried out and how many persons were on the investigative committee, Smith made no further comments.

Said that at different hours of the day teacher and assistant met in the personnel rooms because they had different breaks, and that Curro had never stopped an apprentice from join a labour force because she worked with many of them. "The Curro does not condone discrimination in domestic policy, such as racial discrimination.

These claims did not relate to the Curro Waterfall Primary, and "education was continuing as usual," Smith said.

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