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Decat, Yangon Current time in Myanmar is displayed live with seconds, active date and time zone. Most Rohingya who are fleeing Myanmar have not made it to Bangladesh. They can also check the current UKEF coverage position for Burma. Although the Indians are now Burmese citizens, they cannot participate. For the first time Famoso has even applied for a licence to sell its suits in Myanmar itself.


Recent International Monetary Fund figures suggest that the Myanmar government has raised healthcare and educational expenditure by 78 percent and 30 percent, respectively, last year as part of the ongoing reforms program. But even with this rise, ongoing expenditures still account for less than 2 percent of Myanmar's gross domestic product.

"It offers genuine chances for a smooth shift from an ecosystem that depends strongly on resources to an ecosystem that harnesses the capabilities and knowledge of its people. This is also a new chance to get back involved with the cause of child hood and the CRC spirit," he added.

Myanmar, as a State Parties to the CRC, is committed to taking all appropriate legal, regulatory, administrative and other action to enforce the right of the child, also through the conduct of such action to the fullest possible degree of its available means in accordance with Article 4 of the CRC. Practical, practical and immediate solutions for Myanmar's children.

  • Nearly 0.9% of the revenue from new CNG ventures would enable the acquisition of all annual required injections in Myanmar. - Less than 9 working day's worth of methane is enough to secure one instructor per class per year throughout Myanmar.
  • Just over a fourth of Myanmar 2010 Myanmar 2010 auctions of gems and semi-precious gems could have provided for 15,000 kyats per months in a single allowance for all under-5s. - The Myanmar government only needs to raise the real duty on the production of deciduous wood by up to 0.6% to ensure the yearly income of 6,000 people.

This is the first account - From human capital to indigenous resources: Practical, practical and immediate for Myanmar's kids - is a rapid scanning of what can be done now to improve financial flexibility and thus enhance child care and investment. Burma is a land that has been sacrificed with an amazing amount of indigenous nature.

The revenues available for government funding currently come mainly from the area of renewable raw materials and from rapid industrialisation. Myanmar's second - Myanmar's Myanmar allocations and spending is the first ever publication of an assessment of how the allocation is distributed across the three main respondents to the child - healthcare, educational and community.

These include the forthcoming review of public spending, which the World Bank is conducting jointly with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education of Myanmar. Both of these accounts are based on proof that Myanmar must further significantly raise its allocations to the welfare industry in order to speed up the results for its kids.

Although it is important to make an effort to increase allocation effectiveness, it is precisely at this phase of Myanmar's growth that funds are being increased that will bring rapid and important benefits to the young.

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