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You can see how far it is from Myanmar to Austria in miles and kilometers. Allow enough time in your itinerary to take this into account. Incidentally, the current Burmese government is still not issuing any government debt. You can now make international money transfers via numerous banks in Yangon. Take special care of your personal safety.


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Burma and Austria time differences, distances and time to fly

How long is the time between Myanmar and Austria? Where is Myanmar to Austria? What is the duration of the flight from Myanmar to Austria? Between Myanmar and Austria: 4:30. Burma is 4:30hrs ahead of Austria. If it' 9:00 in Vienna, it' 1:30 in Naypyidaw Myanmar.

The route from Myanmar to Austria is 4764.6 miles (7667.9 kilometers / 4137.6 nautical miles). The estimated time for a non-stop service from Naypyidaw, Myanmar to Vienna, Austria is 9 hours, 53 minutes. Please note: Daylight saving time is taken into consideration in all time calculation on this page.

Determine the time differences and distances between Myanmar and Austria: Myanmar and Austria currently have a time gap of -4:30h. The daylight saving time is taken into consideration when calculating the hourly time. Myanmar-Austria flight route is 4764.6 mile, or 7667.9km.

That is the immediate aerial range or the aerial range during the mission. That is the estimated time of the game. Myanmar airports: Austrian airports:

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