Current Time in Yangon Myanmar

Time in Yangon Myanmar

From Yangon, Myanmar to Bangkok, Thailand? Mayor of Yangon is Maung Maung Soe. Actual time Yangon(Myanmar) and weather. Myanmar current time & time zone. About Tadagale, Yangon Province, Myanmar.

Yangon time now. Yangon, Myanmar current timer. The weather in Yangon today

Time in Yangon is accurate time zone data for Yangon. We' ll always try to give you the precise time for Yangon. Yangon time zone may vary slightly due to summer time. Time-shifts in Yangon are usually carried out to adjust the activities of citizens and tourists to the sun cycling.

It allows greater use of natural light and reduces dependence on power. Therefore, the time in the early part of the year is sent one hours ahead for Yangon and one hours back in the autumn for Yangon. An additional hours of sunlight will help Yangon to increase its tourist potential and become less dependent on Yangon's power supply.

Every year, each state carries out its time changeover according to the daylight saving time on a different date of the year, which may or may not coincide with the beginning of that year. For this reason, we suggest that you review the time changeover data to keep it up to date. This are the time changeover deadlines in Yangon in 2018:

The sunrise in Yangon is at 05:38:24 and the setting in Yangon is at 18:42:52. Yangon dusk starts at 04:46:41 and ends at 19:34:35. Astronomic dawn in Yangon starts at 04:17:54 and ends at 20:03:22. What are the latitudes and longitudes of Yangon on the Worldmap?

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