Current Temperature in Yangon

Actual temperature in Yangon

Weather in Yangon with hourly data, current measurements, precipitation radar and webcams. Burma is a large country and temperatures can vary greatly. Weather: Mostly cloudy. Windspeed and direction: These data indicate the surface water temperature in Yangon.

Tides and maps for Yangon River, Burma and meteorological forecasts for Yangon River in 2018

Terms and conditions of fishing: Fisheries are changing due to the downward trend: Terms and conditions of fishing: Pisces are cold-blooded, which means that their metabolic rate is strongly affected by the temperature of their milieu. Fishes want to make themselves comfy. As a result, even a small modification or pause can cause them to move from one place to another.

Generally, this behaviour differs depending on the type and location, so we cannot give an exact temperature, but usually we will try to prevent the temperature from being unusually low in summers and too high in winters. Just think about it, look for the comfortable areas and you will find the music.

The temperature of the seawater is important for the behaviour of the fishs. Once the waters are cool, the freshwater is lethargical and inert, and the same happens when the waters are too warm. Right now, the current temperature in Yangon River is -. Yangon River's mean temperature today is -.

The temperature of the seawater is important for the behaviour of the fishs. Once the waters are cool, the freshwater flows lethargically and inactively. The same happens when the waters are too high. We are currently developing our forecasting algorithms for the temperature of the waters. Though we get a value in most places that is very near the real temperature of the seawater, it may not be exact in certain areas.

Please use with care as the mean altitude of the highest third of outwaves. Significant wavelength provides an estimate of the wavelengths that can be observed by a skilled watcher from a specific point at Sea, as we are more interested in the bigger one.

Frequently the most common wavelength is about half the significant wavelength. Approximately 14% of the shafts are higher than the significant shaft hight (about 1 of 7 shafts). It' usual to anticipate a surge of twice the significant surge about 3x in 24h.

That means you have to prepare for a surge of - before leaking on the sea - right now. Watermarking up. It'?s four-hour 35-minute drive to the flood. Tonight, Saturday, July 7, 2018, the Yangon River rises at 5:37 am and the sundown at 6:42 pm.

On the ebb and flow map we see that the first ebb was at 3:37 a.m. and the next ebb at 4:23 p.m. The first flow is at 10:07 a.m. and the next flow at 10:28 p.m. Today we have 13 hrs and 5 min. of solar radiation.

Solare Thassit takes place at 12:09 o'clock. The sea floor is increasing. It'?s four-hour 35-minute drive to the flood. Today, the intertidal factor is 54 (average). It is 9 metres with reference to mean low flow (MLLW). The following chart shows the course of the tides in July 2018. We can see the highest tides in the Yangon River at 7.1m and a low of 0.0m.

This gives us a general picture of the tide amplitudes in Yangon River as predicted in July. Great co-efficients indicate important low and high tide; large flows and motions usually take place on the seabed. However, keep in minds that this tide can be strongly influenced by the climate and you should also check the Yangon River meteorological forecasts and the Yangon River winds and waves before going for a fish.

Altitudes are given in metres referring to mean low flow (MLLW). This is the mean value of the lower low flood level of each and every Tuesday of the tides seen over the formal period over which the tides are recorded and decreased to obtain the mean value. Click any tag in the tides chart to download all information.

Choose a location or cross over the table: in areas near the Yangon River coastline. Keep in mind that all activities at Sea such as scuba dipping, wind surfing and boating or submarine fisheries should always be checked with the Yangon River Harbour's tidal charts.

Sunrise in the eastern part (87°) at 0:23 o'clock and sunset in the western part (276°) at 12:55 o'clock The hour of passage of the Sun is the hour at which the Sun passes over the Sun's vertical meridion (Yangon River, 96. 3 E) at 6:39 o'clock The duration of visibility to the Sun is 12 hrs and 32 mins.

Today is a poor days for angling, the prediction of angling is low, but that is only a possibility, so we recommend you to take your tail and try it during the sunshine time. Best time to go angling is: start with the rise and set of the lunar and its length is about 1h.

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