Current Temperature in Myanmar

Actual temperature in Myanmar

The page contains a table with historical data for the average temperature in Myanmar. Overview of the current and future infrastructure. Prepare to enjoy Myanmar's fascinating culture, cuisine, temples and more. We need to see how the worsening climate change could affect Myanmar. For decades Myanmar has had climate variability effects.

Actual seawater temperature Myanmar

All over Myanmar the temperature of the waters is above 20°C/68°F and is sufficient for a pleasant soak. Myanmar's best hotels, resort and apartment list of Myanmar's towns and resort with today's and yesterday's watermel. It also shows the max. and min. temperature of the waters that have been logged this months for the last six years.

To find out more about the temperature of the sea, surfing forecasts, meteorological conditions and the moment of dawn and dusk in a particular area of your interest, simply click on a name. Burma waters temperature monthly: Myanmar in FebruaryWater temperature Myanmar in MarchWater temperature Myanmar in AprilWater temperature Myanmar in MayWater temperature Myanmar in JuneWater temperature Myanmar in JulyWater temperature Myanmar in AugustWater temperature Myanmar in SeptemberWater temperature Myanmar in OctoberWater temperature Myanmar in NovemberW in DecemberW,,You have interesting pictures of this place, you can download here.

The Myanmar Marine Survey is based on satelite information along with in-situ observation to provide the most accurate day-to-day information on ocean floor temperature, ocean temperature, windsurfing forecast, current temperature and season.

Extremely warm climate influences everyday living in Myanmar

Myanmar's summers last from March to May, and April is the warmest months. This year, a scarce phenomenon for several centuries, is suffering an excess of heatstroke. Daytime highs in the months of April to May reached a all-time high in over four decade-long periods in the region, including Minbu, Magway, Mandalay, Monywa, Chauk, Mingyan and Yangon, and peaked 5 to 6 degrees above the April mean temperature last time.

Because of the heavy effects of the bad climate, Myanmar's government prevented merchants in the county from selling locally to meet local demands due to lower output, the trade union said. During the current south-western Ayeyawaddy summers, tens of thousand of fish farmed in lakes were killed by overheat. The temperature is rising every year.

Not only did the unusually warm climate cause the greatest damage to aquaculture farmers, but it also failed to meet internal demands and the destination for exports. It is the most serious phenomenon in the last two centuries, said the fishermen, worried that such cases would last as long as there is no rain.

In many of the countryside's towns, where the inhabitants suffer from a lack of fresh air, the excessive temperature also caused the potable pond to wither. Alternatively, the village inhabitants make their effort by excavating a few tubular wells near the arid pools to get it.

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