Current Situation in Myanmar

The current situation in Myanmar

They have the right of veto over almost everything the civilian government wants to do. Latest political transformation in Myanmar. The current situation in Rakhine State. Current situation and Daw Suu's answer. The second question is how to ensure the safe, dignified and voluntary return of the Rohingya.

How is the local state of Rakhine, Myanmar (Burma)?

Urhingya: Facts & Herths. Raw gyas are not Burmese. You named yourself Rachingya. There' re no such persons in Burma's story and its population. Indeed, the Bengalese are Bengalese who speak Bengali dialects, wear Bengali clothing and have Bengali cuisines. RAHRINGYAS are illicit migrants who have arrived in Myanmar from Bangladesh.

Burma's regime has given many Rohingyas nationality, but every year more and more irregular immigrants come from Bangladesh. Once they have obtained nationality, they are equivalent by statute. Rohringya was raping minor women (under 13 years of age), torturing them and killing these little women. Rakhingya harassed the Rakhine, made several incendiary attempts, murdered several hundred of Rakhine and burned several thousand homes.

The Rohingya was educated by Taliban and Al Qaeda fundamentalists (quoted from Vikileaks and other trustworthy news). They' re being restricted by the authorities. The Rohingya people in Myanmar are growing each year. It is higher than the Myanmar demographic group. Why is its populations growing every year? Facts: There are many Rohingya building in Rakhine state.

When they have a limitation of faith, how come there are hundred in Rakhine State? Rohingya are not Bengals. FACT: Rohingya are indeed Bengalese. Research has shown that they are not Arabian or Myanmar ethics. If they' re not, how come they talk to Bengali? If they are Myanmar, why can't they talk Myanmar?

and have Bengali civilisations. The 5th legend. They are tormented by Rakhine. Fact: There are many Rohingya in the state of Rakhine. They are more populous than the Rakhine. The Rohingya populations are growing every year and the Rakhine populations are decreasing every year. When they are tortures by Rakhine, they will run away from the state of Rakhine and not stand around like a superglue.

Rakhine was murdered by Rohingya, who violated, torturing and killing little Rakhinees. Rakhingya harassed and murdered hundreds of Rakhine. Why is it that all the cities and cities go from Rakhine to Ashes? Many Rakhine are slain by Rohingya? Legend 7. The regime should recognise Rohingya as a citizen. Fact: The Bengali authorities have disowned their own population.

Burma's authorities are accepting them and giving them nationality and equality of opportunity. But every year more and more Bengali Rohingya come to Myanmar illegal. You disrespect the local Rakhine and harass the Rakhine. and hypocritical terrorist? Burma's authorities have already given these so-called Rohingya a great deal of nationality and they are equals under the Act.

However, the regime can no longer take in unlawful migrants because they do nothing good for Myanmar. Legend 8: Myths 8: Burmese hated Rohingya so much because they are Muslims. Facts: There are many Muslims in Burma. Burma treats those who are not impolite, violent and murderous.

Burma's population treats those Rohingya who have come to Burma lawfully and are not killers. Rohingyas are Bengals who have arrived in Myanmar illegal and slaughtered thousand of Rakhine. However, the Rohingya administration gave Rohingya nationality and equality of right. Buildup hundred sacred churches and thousand of homes in the state of Rakhine.

The number of its inhabitants is increasing every year due to the arrival of Rohingya's illegally migrant. Each year they harassed, violated, tormented and murdered local Rakhin. This time they attack systematic the state and the rakinepe. and burned a thousand of Rakhine's homes. They' ve left over 30,000 Rakhines home.

Its aim: Although the Rohingya administration gave many of Rohingya's immigrants nationality and equality of right, their wishes cannot be complied with. They' re trying to make Rakhine their state. They' re saying they're natives. Allies with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, they want to expel the Rakhine from the state of Rakhine.

They' re trying to rule the state of Rakhine as their own state.

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