Current Situation in Myanmar

The current situation in Myanmar

" One is the current situation in the state of Rakhine. France, as we recently indicated, is concerned about the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation in the state of Rakhine. Current situation in Myanmar. The Rakhine State is one of the least developed areas of Myanmar with a diverse ethnic and religious population. Rohingya's situation in Myanmar has always been tense.

Current situation

Burma, re-named Myanmar by the Burmese government in 1989, is located in Southeast Asia between India, China and Thailand. Burma has had a multi-name and multi-state system of armed rule since the 1962 coup d'├ętat. Burmese people had to live their life in 1988 for the demand for democratisation and economical reform.

In the following year, Burma was in the news when Hurricane Nargis ravaged the Irrawaddy Delta and cost the life of dozens of thousands of people. It was shocking for the rest of the planet to see that the regimes denied international assistance to the state for several short months after the hurricane. Burma's leaders, Thein Sein, a former general, have embarked on a process of reform in the city.

The NLD won the NLD the upper hand in both assemblies in 2015. Comprehensive reform has been initiated.

How is the current situation in Burma in terms of civil liberties?

There' s a great 60-minute section about the forthcoming elections in Burma that focuses on Aung San Suu-Kyi and interviews her. Even if her political group won the elections, she herself could not become chancellor because her deceased spouse and offspring are UK nationalities.

The junta's creation of this provision was gambled on to prevent Suu-Kyi from becoming chairman.

The Rohingya situation in Myanmar

Of course, we are worried about the current situation in the north of Myanmar's Rakhine state and we are monitoring the situation very carefully by doing what we can, with the help of our local counterparts, to best balance the "noise" of a clearly human catastrophe.

Rohingya well-being has long been a global issue, but in 2016 and 2017 the situation has reached a level never seen before. Many contradictory tales have been told about the precise situation and the action of both sides, often disseminating contradictory information, even from apparently credible resources.

It is certain that in Bangladesh there have been several hundred thousand Rohingya migrants and that the relief organizations supporting them are far overburdened. While we normally choose to provide grass-roots assistance, in this case the DEC, which co-ordinates 13 of the UK's top 13 relief organizations, is best placed to help the Rohingya community quickly and directly.

We are a business of people who have worked and traveled in Myanmar and Asia for many years, and we try not to take a firm policy stance until we have the feeling that the facts are undeniable. We strongly suggest that the publisher of the journal should read an essay entitled "The realities in Rakhine and Myanmar's complexity politics conundrum".

Aung Aung San Suu Kyi has been severely criticized for her apparently silent stance on the issue, but the country's policy stance is complicated and the situation is not in cold blood. For more understanding, you can view this informational paper from 2017, Harvard Policy Review.

Although we recognize that many customers have shared our concerns about the situation in the state of Rakhine, it is very important to know that all areas to which we are sending our customers are secure. There is still a Council of the UK Administration and the US and Australian administrations that trips to Myanmar should stay as they were and there are currently no consultative changes.

We will, as always, keep our eyes open and keep you informed of any significant changes. Soon the situation will be solved and our thoughts are with the expelled Rohingya.

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