Current President of the Union of Myanmar

Acting President of the Union of Myanmar

The EU's cabinet members welcome President U Win Myint. Latest Reports - Previous Reports. According to the current electoral system, as discussed above, the President is elected by the. Mr. U Nyan Tun is acting vice president of the Union of Myanmar.

Aung San Suu Kyi, a pioneer of the pro-democracy movement, was prevented from becoming president by the constitution.

Myanmar Republic Myanmar New Year greetings from President U Win Myint

On this special occassion of the New Year, I wish you all my regards and good luck to be in good shape and in good fortune. Ladies and gentlemen, the main objectives of our Union government were already stated on 30 March, the date on which I took my affidavit.

In this regard, I have been told that the aspirations of our people have become high and they are also very curious to see how these objectives can be achieved. In due course, I will present a statement to our distinguished people. These services must prioritise the implementation of our Union government's policy on aid to developing countries as part of our effort to strengthen administrative control over delayed-reforms.

Of the three fundamental needs of our citizen, which are "food, clothes and shelter", it was found that living is a fundamental need for man. Some of our officials who are still in office do not have adequate accommodation. And I have also found that a large number of officials suffer a great deal after they retire because they do not have any flat.

This is why our government in the Union will give top priority to ensuring that officials have at least one home and are able to enjoy a dignified life when they are retiring. Over the two-year period of our Union government, we have already constructed (4627) residential buildings for state and regional people.

We have also prepared the construction of more than (7000) public sector residential buildings in the last three years. During the three years in which this programme is extended, (10,000) residential unit buildings will be constructed and marketed for officials, which will be paid back in instalments on a month-to-month base.

Forty-eight hundred of an employee, the union government has already made a calculation and prepared a plan to raise the salaries of all employees by 20 percent and those of all officials by 10 percent. Having made these provisions for public sector workers, the Union Government should be reminiscent that it must also participate in the Union Government's reforms by co-operating and taking responsibility.

Over the next three years, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy will generate 6000 MW by increasing 3000 MW from the present 3000 MW in its efforts to raise electrical output. Of the ( (200) mile dirt road, we will turn it into paved or paved road.

Concerning the highways, we will build about (600) mile new highways. We will convert about (1,000) mile of the current used highways into asphalt or cement road. To ensure the safe and efficient transport of our passengers, we will carry out in-depth inspection and assessment of (29) hanging decks throughout the entire state within three month in collaboration with international expe- rents.

I have already had meetings with the Union's Chief Justice and the Supreme Court of the Union to support and reinforce the judicial system and have given the necessary guidance to ensure that the judiciaries at all stages in all relevant tribunals exercise due control with full responsibility and responsibility.

In this respect, our Union Support Association and Rule of Law Centers should work together proactively. It is important to make sure that everyone is the same in the face of the Act and that things are done in accordance with the Act. As our fight against bribery, which has become established in most ministries, it will become increasingly necessary to re-examine the roles and duties of our officials in order to achieve an appropriate equilibrium.

Adequately, the Anti-Corruption Commission, the press and the public must eradicate it. In order to step up our protection against violations of fundamental freedoms, our Government of the Union will step up our endeavours in collaboration with the CBO (Community-based organizations) and the CSO (Civil Society Organizations), the press and the population.

It is important that the Commission on Human Rights endeavours to protect the individual's primary statutory freedoms, the individual's primary freedoms and the liberty and safety of the citizen in questioning centres, law enforcement agencies, prisons and forced labour centres, in all these places without discriminatory treatment.

Mr President, I have already had meetings with the members of the Commission on Humane Rights and have given orders to make sure that people do not loose their unalienable prerogatives, their basic freedoms. Organisations themselves active in the field of respect for and respect for human freedoms should pay particular attention to ensuring that they do not violate basic freedoms and the respect for the integrity of individuals and act in accordance with the rule of law.

We must also reverse the present practice of not using the allocated resources for submitting projects budget. The Union's Auditor-General and all audit committees set up in all services should be able to carry out their tasks without courtesy and without corruption, in full observance of the regulations.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will work for the restitution of arable land seized unlawfully and will see to it that reparations are granted in strict coordination with various states/regions on the basis of the results, comments and statements of various layers of committee established for the inspection of arable land and other areas, including those representing Hluttaw.

In addition, I will work to get land and gardens that have been seized and approved back to their former holders. In the case of seized arable land and gardens that have not yet been cleared, I will also work to have the various monitoring commissions, in agreement with the States/regional authorities, carry out a swift check on the restitution of these cleared land to the initial owner.

In addition, I will work to see that farm subsidies are paid out immediately forplantation. Priorities are potable and potable waters, farming, electricity and streets. In addition, we will work to make sure that our employees abroad are secure and enjoying their privileges. It is important that we give those with skills the chance to follow the discipline for which they are qualified.

In order to make sure they get the jobs they merit, we need to find ways and means to enable them to go abroad or at home to university. Ladies and gentlemen, in the coming years our Union government must begin its grassroots reforms at the grassroots and grassroots levels nearest to the people who originally owned the sovereignty.

It is precisely in the light of the fact that we must prepare ourselves for the federal Union's administration system that we must diminish the level of centrally monitored and, if necessary, make changes on the basis of the proposals and proposals of the States and regions. May I point out that we must work with the "united force" of the Union administration, other sectors of governance, experts, civic organisations, the press and the population.

My dear fellow countrymen, I will seek with body and spirit to make the changes that are people's desires; to let them see with their own vision. In this favourable period of the New Year in Myanmar, may all European Union nationals have a peaceful life; may the Union be sanctified with it.

Let all European Union nationals take part in the construction of the Democratic Federal Union, whatever their roles may be.

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