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Madera' s HC puts TN govt. in an embarrassment about land acquisition for Chennai-Salem Highway. The MBBS/BDS service list is published by Tamil Nadu. Receive latest Tamil Nadu news headlines at Zee News to know more about your state. Come and see us for the latest news from Tamil Nadu.

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There is no reason whatsoever for the news in any section of the press that there would be a shift in Tamil Nadu BJP president after my story to Amit Shah, BJP said. A number of Casuarina trees caught fire at a farmhouse in Siruthavur near, once a favorite retreat belonging to later head secretary Jayalalithaa, an officer said.

Sterlite factory in Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin, the epicenter of violence against the environment, will not reopen, a minster said today in response to calls from some church-leader. It is not the view of Ramdev and Sadhguru that we care," said Tamil Nadu Jayakumar. Tamil Nadu's incapacitated legislators must await a judgment on their restoration.

Today the Supreme Tribunal rejected its appellation to dismiss the case from the Supreme Tribunal of Madras, which delivered a divided ruling early this months and then sent him to a third tribunal. Supreme Judicial has appointed a Madras High Courts magistrate to try the case.

One of the relatives of the head congressional head and former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram was kidnapped and murdered by a three-member band near Coimbatore, the riot squad said today. Today the Supreme Court said Judge M Sathyanarayanan of Madras High Court would listen to the lawsuit of 18 unqualified AIADMK legislators and rule.

The majority of the students at Government High High School, Velliagaram, Tiruvallur County, Tamilnadu, are looking forward to the arrival of their language instructor Bhagawan. Today the Supreme Court of Madras has started contemptuous trials against three police officers who tried to detain a man who was charged with a crime in a court of law in the Tirupur area where he seemed to have surrendered.

Madras High Court found today that the policy was not limited to a few Indian homes with a total of 130 people.

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