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Bangladesh aircraft crashed 71 times in Nepal | World News

An airplane from Bangladesh collapsed trying to make it to Kathmandu Nepal International Airfield and killed at least 49 persons, said bureaucrafts. US-Bangla Airlines' airplane made an unscheduled turn shortly after 2.15 p.m. on Monday, breaking a barrier and going up in flames, according to the airport's general director, Raj Kumar Chettri.

Coming from the airstrip, the plane tumbled down a hill, slipped about 300 meters before stopping on a soccer pitch, and left a trace of turned metals, papers and baggage along the warren. Sixty-seven people were on board: 33 Nepalese citizens, 32 from Bangladesh and one each from China and the Malydives.

Thick, shadowy wreaths of tobacco were rising above the airfield as the firemen fought to put the ship out. Next to the carbonized framework of the aircraft were at least 24 heavily burnt objects, some of which were coated with fabric and others in partly welded corpse-sacks. Khettri said the pilots were allowed to come in from the south, but then asked to come in from the south.

Said he assured the controller that there was no issue, but he did not respond after being alerted that his approach was inappropriate. "Chettri said to Reuters, "The aircraft should have come from the right area. However, the U.S. Bangla Airlines CEO, Mr. Asif, said Kathmandu's flight safety had given the pilots the false orders.

"In Dhaka, a three-minute call between the flight attendant and the flight safety before touchdown indicated that they had sent the false alarm to the pilot," he said. The Nepali Times translates as follows: "In a note of the gossip between the airplane and the aviation storm, which was published on soft copy local radio, one could warn local flight controls that the view was bad and that the US-Bangla airline driver seemed "disoriented".

The pilots seemed to have no idea whether the airplane was coming from the northern or southern side of the take-off strip and yelled at the pilots in the seconds before the accident to turn the tail. An American, Amanda Summers, who works in Nepal, observed the accident from the patio of her home offices not far from the air.

"It flew so low that I thought it would run into the mountains," she said to the Associated Press, and added that it was not clear whether the aircraft had made it to the take-off or not. Next thing I saw was fire, that's all I remember," said Alma Nahar Eni, a bangladean woman who flew with her man and two-year-old girl.

When she crashed, she only fractured her ankle, but did not know what happened to the remainder of her familiy. Away from the plant, Ganga Baran and her man were waiting for the news of their daugther Algina. In September 2015, the same plane will be flung from a take-off and landing strip at Saidpur in Bangladesh and carry 74 people.

While the plane suffered slight damages, no injuries to either occupants or people onboard. An US-Bangla plane had to make an emergency stop in Dhaka last weekend after its flight attendant discovered a bug with the prop. It' not clear if it was the same plane that crashed on Monday.

At the beginning of 2016, a twinned oxygen turbo-prop airplane struck a mountain slope in Nepal and murdered all 23 passengers on it. A couple of nights later, two drivers were murdered when a small airliner crashed in the undulating northwest.

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