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Recent military repression in Myanmar has devastated much of the state of Rakhine. So many Rohingya have fled Myanmar and where are they going? Today King Harald and Queen Sonja presented Myanmar with a very special gift. Tribunal to open a case on the events in Myanmar.

Collisions between Myanmar's army and ethnic militias in Kachin, Shan State

The much-needed offshore war-torn Kachin state of Myanmar was hampered by struggles between the country's military and an ethnically militarized group, the state premier said on Monday. Myanmar's most northerly state, bordering China and India, has been shaken by a renewed flare-up of tension since 2011, when a 17-year ceasefire treaty between the two sides failed.

This year, the last round of hostilities began when federal troops started aerial attacks in the Tanaing Voivodeship Goldmining and Arsenal Mines, an area under KIA control and dependent on its mineral resource as a livelihood by imposing a five per cent mine operator surcharge.

State-run newspapers have said that the KIA, which has control over large parts of the country, which includes the profitable coal mines, has been attacking the Kachin local defence base since the end of January. As a governmental force, the Kachin rebels have charged the Kachin rebels with using the region's unlawfully and taking funds from miners that would otherwise go to the state.

However, the KIA has accused Myanmar troops of attacking the area it controlled in the hope of obtaining power before a nationwide peacemaking meeting later this months. In spite of the hostility, Myanmar militaries in Yunnan southwest China on February 1 met informally with KIA officials with the assistance of the China administration, the Democratic Voice of Burma on-line intelligence agency cited Col. Naw Bo, a KIA-spokesperson.

However, on February 3, about 50 Kachin Independence Military (KIA) troops attacked Myanmar's military encampments in Lwele town in Moe Kaung township in Myitkyina county with small and large weapons, with several reports of injury, the Myanmar Mizzima Intelligence Agency called. Myanmar's Ministry of Social Affairs, Aid and Relocation, the Red Cross and governmental and civic organisations are currently trying to help IDPs in the Tanaing Mines area.

At least four civilian casualties occurred during the Myanmar Army-KIA battles between January 19 and 27, the Burmese Voice said. Meanwhile, some 5,000 Kachin tribes, among them neighbors, members of Jewish organisations and civic groups, walked in the country's capitol Myitkyina on Monday, demanding an end to the offensive by the U.S. military and the salvation of those captured in areas of conflict, the Irrawaddy magazine said.

"We' ve sent a message to the state and northern military headquarters to save those imprisoned in the Tanaing and Marshes townships," said Zaw Jut, chair of the emergency relief committee. KIA is one of several militia with which the Myanmar administration is trying to end decade-long ethnic-separatist civilian conflicts and create a peaceful atmosphere in the U.S. through a string of peaceful talks initiated in August 2016 by the de facto Palestinian dean Aung San Suu Kyi.

Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), the KIA's policy arm, has not ratified the government's countrywide cease-fire treaty (NCA) that eight of the country's more than 20 nations have ratified in October 2015. Fights between the Nazi and Ta'ang Liberation Armys (TNLA) took place in the townships of Kyaukme, Namhsan, Namtu and Kutkai, said Colonel Mine Aik Kyaw.

"At about 10 a.m. two copters arrived and opened fire on us for about 30 mins each," he said. Goverment army has used helicopter to assault Taliban troops in Shan State about 50x in the past, he said. Earlier this year, KIA and KNLA troops assaulted the Kachin administration's security headquarter and the Lashio-Muse Highway, a major artery in North Shan State.

MYANMAR' s attack led to counter-attacks by air, as Myanmar's commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing's offices announced at the event. As a result of continuing animosity with Myanmar's military force, the NCA expelled Taliban Airlines from joining the United States. They are members of the Federal Policy Negotiation and Advisory Committee (FPNCC), which has demanded the establishment of a policy dialog with the federal administration and the holding of coalitions for the purpose of discussing the issue of freedom, not as a group.

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