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Complete coverage of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Extensive coverage of news, business and current events in Myanmar. She said the news raises questions in people's minds. A leading corporate finance boutique in Hong Kong, Charltons has a branch in Myanmar. I have no right to look the other way.


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China BEIJING thinks Myanmar is now prepared to take back several hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims who have sought refuge in Bangladesh and escaped the former Burma violent situation, the top foreign official said to his counterpart in Bangladesh on Friday. The United Nations and the Bangladesh authorities have begun to officially register several hundred thousand Rohingya escapees who have escaped defeat by Myanmar militaries.

The Cambodian National Electoral Committee (NEC) said on Wednesday that 50,000 monitors, some from China, Myanmar and Singapore, will observe a parliamentary elections next months, which is generally seen as a slippery slope for Prime Minister Hun Sen after the dissolution of the major political group of the government last year.

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Bangladesh has sent its second aid delivery to India as part of Operation Insaniyat to help ten thousand expelled Rohingya Muslims who have escaped from Myanmar to Bangladesh. The Indian naval ship INS Airavat with 373 tons of aid sails from Vishakhapatnam and reaches the harbour of Chattogram (formerly Chittagong).

In the second shipment, 104 tons of powdered dairy products, 102 tons of dry cod, 61 tons of infant formula, 50,000 rain coats and 50,000 pair of rubber shoes were the main items. This is a facilitation in response to the special needs of a large number of Rohingya men and woman and children who live in refugee camps and at the beginning of the monsun.

Rohingyas are state free ethnical minorities (mostly Muslims) from the Rakhine provinces who are compelled to flee their land because of municipal force and recurrent warfare. The UN has estimated that over 6 LUK Rohingya Muslims have escaped Myanmar since August 2017, when a new cycle of violent conflict broke out in this outbreak area.

Cruelty began after Rohingya fighters of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (also known as Harakat al-Yaqeen or Faith Movement) assaulted policemen in Myanmar's north Rakhine state. After this assault, Myanmar's armed forces had taken forceful action against Rohingya Muslim rebels, leading to a massive Rohingya Muslim explosion into neighbouring Bangladesh.

At the beginning of December 2017, India declared USD 25 million in aid to the state of Rakhine. In September 2017, as part of "Operation Insaniyat", it also sent aid supplies for 300,000 Rohingyas to help Bangladesh in its humanity work.

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