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Bangladeshi refugees fleeing military violence are concerned about the details of the plan. Rohingya women raped by soldiers. Said that today's people in Myanmar could not reach an understanding, but killed each other. Myanmar current events, news, media coverage in Burma. Myanmar people, social problems prices of consumer goods, population growth rate, prostitution, immunodeficiency syndrome, world war.

How do you feel about the latest edition of Rohingya in Myanmar?

While I was sleeping in my own bedroom, I had gotten into a strange and unfamiliar one. Said Myanmar is killin' Myanmar today against Myanmar. For many years the Myanmar have killed each other and there is no evidence of a tranquil world.

He asked me why he came to me and then he said that you should tell the rest of the rest of the world about the Myanmar people. He also said that Aung San Suu Kyi, just to pardon Aung San Suu Kyi, has little strength and she does not have enough to wield this Tatmadaw - he thinks that Aung San Suu Kyi will one of these days illuminate the Myanmar people, but only if she knows her place.

For example, he showed the Rohingyas how a prosecuted population is. And he felt sorry for Myanmar. Said that today's Myanmarans could not reach an agreement, but were killing each other. Rohingyas' hatred was not his wish and he said that "as long as the Myanmarians see it that way", only other activists and anti-Burmese forces will have it.

I was asked to tell the story of Rohingyas' drama to help the Myanmar tribe educate themselves - and promote variety instead of falsehood. It'?s a strange one. The Rohingyas are one of the most oppressed peoples in the whole wide globe. Myanmar's current climate is so unsightly right now, and if there is no guarantee of a peaceful outcome, Myanmar will fall apart.

It'?s not just Rohingyas. But what do the Burmese still hate Rohingya for? It' a real error, Myanmar. For Rohingyas I am praying and I am hoping that they will not fall into Islam. I don't know what the outlook is for Myanmar and Rohingyas. However, I will disclose the individual I meet in my dreams.

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