Current Dollar Rate in Myanmar

The current dollar exchange rate in Myanmar

Key words: transmission channels; exchange rate policy; Myanmar; VAR. US dollar sign is $, ISO code is USD.

Q: Please inform us about the current economic situation in Myanmar? Also the US dollar is widespread. Today there are ATMs in the tourist areas of Myanmar.

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a few qestions about change: what is the rate for 1 in Kyat? where can we switch to Yangoon, Bagan, Lake intole? is it possible at hotels reception? is it good to have 50 or better to have 100 or more?

In December I was in Burma and the Yangon rate was 1:850 for US $. Best prices are in Yangon and Mandalay was really near. There are other big cities Moners will swap for you, but the course will be inferior. Most important is not to share anything at the airfield.

You' ll get the best prices for crunchy $100s. $250s get a lower price. $5 $20 is even bad. Check your bucks before headline - the smallest crack and it will be refused any stains or wrinkles either. A lot of places are accepting crunchy US dollar. When something like 5,000k yat will cost, you can simply give them $5$ instead.

Obviously, that's a much better price for you. It' ws down to 800k to the dollar (for $100 invoices, don't get such a good rate for the 50s or 20s) when I was there on January 7. It' s very volatile these few trading hours, but the dollar seems to be getting even falter.

Modify your monies in Yangon, where you get the best rate, and modify at least a few hundred bucks there, or you will be sorry once you get to Inle etc, where the rate is lousy and you still have some buying to do! While in Bagan to make a journey to Mt Popa, the rider turned down the dollar because the Dollar-Kyat rate was really low this weekend.

NO changing funds at the airfield, you will get a crummy price. Don't switch currency with the boys on the streets or the toouts at the market, go to Bogyoke Market and swap it at the goldsmiths. In Mandalay I had to pick up all my transportation in Kyoto and was concerned that I was short of Hsipaw's funds, so I decided to trade a few dollars at a Mandalay tourist office in the city.

It was not too poor, but certainly not as good as in Yangon! 1 US $ = 850 K yats for 100 dollar grade on 2.2. 2011 as mentioned above US $ grade must be crunchy, no brands, no fold rules and so on. Avoid changing on the road, especially near the Sula Pagoda.

You may have a lower but secure rate of return. Hello, I exchanged cash on the Scotts today, it was 850 kyat for a dollar. There are 100 notes, however, if you want to modify small notes such as one up to 50 notes. It' 840 kyat. Thanks to everyone for all the useful information! Hello, the course is very good today!

1: 870 for large notes, 1: 860 for small notes ,50 $ to 5 $ notes. Yangon's best place for changing is the Summit Parks views hotels and Scottmarket. I' d only be changing $100 notes if I were you - you get the best rate this way.

In contrast to some contributions - we changed with the sketch-like boys on the road at Sule Paya and got 900 Kyat (on 5.2.2011). SHOWEVER - number your moneys VERY diligently - they do that wierd thing where they score and if you try to number them yourself, try them and stumble up.

Our prices have fallen for the remainder of the year - so I would try to change most of the cash into Yangon. The rate of change has risen again. It was 925 per 1 US dollar in Yangon last night, today 1 $=925 keats. cautious, if the rate to get 925 is going to go to,.1 $= 760 keats. now rate that happens is uncommon....,

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