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PEN American Center awarded the Freedom of Expression Courage Prize to Charlie Hebdo, a popular newsmagazine. Gerard Biard, editor-in-chief and Charlie Hebdo's essayist, Jean-Baptiste Thoret received the prize at an event at the American Museum of Natural History. PEN's Satirische Magazin received the PEN American Centre accolade for 12 of its employees who were killed in a January 2015 terrorism in its Paris bureau.

This is a newsmagazine by Charlie Hebdo. It is best known for its disputed provoking caricature and caricature directed against right-wing extremists, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, political, cultural and others. The journal's journalist Stephane Charbonnier described it as left-wing, secular and atheistic. The PEN American Centre (founded in 1922) is an amalgamation of about 4000 American authors.

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lndia was officially admitted as sixty-nineth stockholder of the European Reconstruction and Development bank (EBRD). In December 2017 India submitted an application to join the EbRD. As India is a stakeholder, it will only participate in the EBRD and will not receive funding from the European Union. However, it can profit India directly through the EBRD project or if India businesses are investing alongside the EIB.

This will open the way for more collaborative investments with India businesses in all EBRD region. This opens up further opportunities for India to invest together in Central Asia, Egypt and Jordan. The EBRD is a multi-lateral development cooperation institution. Founded in 1991 after the collapse of the Berlin walls to encourage entrepreneurship and personal development in an up-and-coming Europe.

The EU is made up of 65 states and two EU-member states. Later, it expands to help develop in more than 30 different European states. Today, it only works in those states that are democratically engaged and use investments as an instrument for building markets. The bank is investing in 38 newly industrializing nations on three main land (North America, Africa, Asia and Australia) with pre-defined benchmarks aimed at making its nations more competitive, better regulated, more green, more integrative, more resilient as well as more integere.

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