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In the Gulf of Bengal, a severe crisis has worsened into a hurricane called Maarutha. It is predicted that this cycle will affect Myanmar on 17 April 2017 and cause severe rainfall in parts of the state. The Maarutha is the first hurricane of the 2017 hurricane period in the northern hemisphere.

Cyclone is a revolving, organised system of storms and cloud formation over tropic or subtropic water and has a continuous cycle. The majority of large-scale cyclone recirculations are concentrated in areas with low atmosphere pressures. Depending on the degree of latitude, the cyclone can be a tropic cyclone or a moderate cyclone (extra-tropical cyclone).

These hurricanes turn counter-clockwise in the North and are divided into three types: tropic depression, max permanent wind of 38 milliph or less; tropic wind (max permanent wind of 39 to 73 milliph); hurricanes (max permanent wind of 74 milliph) and large hurricanes (max permanent wind of 111 milliph).

Windstorms in the Pacific are referred to as cyclone types, while similar windstorms in the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific are referred to as taifun. Whirlwinds between the eastern horns of Africa and occidental parts of the Malay Peninsula are most frequent from April to December, with May and November in the Indian Ocean peak season.

The Vardah was the most powerful cycle of the 2016 Indian Ocean cyclone period. Other 2016 cycles include those of Roanu, Kyant and Nada. Maarutha is the first of the 2017 cycle season's tropicyclones in the North Indian Ocean. Since 13 April 2017, it has formed in the southern Bay of Bengal under the effect of ongoing convection and has recently been categorised as a cyclone wind.

Following torrential rain in Sri Lanka and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, they are scheduled to land in Myanmar in the next two outings.

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