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Please click here to get to the current weekly overview or choose another article:. The press release on the meeting of Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov with the State Secretary (West) at the Indian Foreign Ministry Ruchi Ghanashyam. Civil society and local administration; protection officer (refugee). News for bank aspirants.

While Delhi considered it an "internal affair," he had understanding for Myanmar.

Jakarta, Switzerland

It will also open the Finnish Embassy in Yangon. Since the end of August, the UN has estimated that over 600,000 refugees have escaped from Myanmar to Bangladesh. The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) was founded in 1996 to promote contact and mutual appreciation between Asia and Europe through dialog and common work. Mr Soini will meet separately with many of his counterparts from other ministers who represent the various states in the area.

Sultan Razia:The first female Indian sovereign

The Sultan was borne in 1205 and reigned the land from 1236-1240. She was the first Moslem wife to participate in the Delhi crown. In 1236 she followed her sire Shamsud-din Iltutmish and became the Sultanate of Delhi. Sultan Razia was very sage, an outstanding steward, courageous and a fighter like her sire.

The tomb of Razia Sultan in Delhi is one of those places that evokes the memories of this brave lady. It was an efficacious sovereign and had the features of a royal family. Razia had little touch with the women of the lovers as a child and preadult, so she had not learned the usual behaviour of the women in Islamic societies.

Indeed, even before she became Sultaness, she was drawn to the management of her father's reign. Razia was wearing a man's tunica and a man's headdress as a cult man; and unlike the tradition, she later showed her face when she was riding an bull as commander of her army.

Illutmish, b. 1210 and d. 1236, was a well-balanced man who made his students organize outstanding celebrations to welcome the arrival of his first little child after a large number of newborns. Razia took personal zeal to educate her, and when she turned 13, simply because of his father's teachings, Razia was recognised as a skilled markswoman and horseman, and she often went on his army ventures with her sire.

One time, when Iltutmish was implicated in the Gwalior attack, he turned Delhi over to Razia, and when he joined, he was so amazed at Razias achievement that he chose Razia as his heir. He' made it over Delhi for about seven month. Razia Sultan overwhelmed her relatives in 1236 with the help of the population of Delhi and became a sovereign.

Sultan Razia, when he ascended the crown, everything reverted to his old plea. Sultan Razia's vice-president, Nizam-al-mulk Junaidi, refused to remain faithful and, along with many others, waged a long while campaign against Sultan Razia. Later Tabashi Mu'izzi, the Oudh Legislature, hurried to Delhi to help Sultan Razia, but when he crossed the Ganges, the commands who fought the town struck him out of the blue and captured him, after which he was exterminated.

Razia Sultana, as profit-making sovereign, has created a legal and total tranquility in her kingdom, in which every individual follows her own rules and regulations. There was no other thing that could have stopped Razia from falling in love with Jamal-ud-Din Yaqut. Irrespective of the way it occurred behind various spreads and gateway, their relation in Delhi was no mystery.

The Bhatinda administrator, Malik Ikhtiar-ud-Altunia, was against this Razia-relation. It is said that Altunia and Razia were teammates. Growing up together, he proved himself terribly intrigued by Razia and the insurgency was essentially a way to get Razia back. and Altunia kept Razia.

As she attempted to lobby a opposition from the Governor of Batinda, they abused and eliminated her unhappy inadequacy in Delhi. In order to preserve her name, Razia, Altunia, the chief administrator of Batinda, married and ambled with her buddy to Delhi.

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