Currency used in Yangon

In Yangon used currency

Hello, can I know what is the preferred currency for Yangon? While most hotels, domestic flights, train tickets and entrance fees are in USD, everything else (food, souvenirs, use, etc.) will be in Kyat. The dual currency can be used to allow dual pricing. What is the best currency?

Use" Swap currencies" to make the Nigerian Naira the default currency.

The most commonly used currency in Yangon - Yangon (Rangoon) Message Board

Hello, can I know what is the currency of choice for Yangon? Will it be the Kyoto or the US dollar? BOYAT. Though some places assume a usd, you usually get a better exchangerate if you are paying in the lc. You are accustomed to paying for everything, now and only need one currency to switch to Kyoto, with government either $US, Euro or Singapore$.

BOYAT. Had never anyone ever quoted me a prize in bucks. a few places still quoted a prize in $US.....but you can do it. This a new design for a hotel in Kyoto? This year I think there is a new bill that says that everything should be paid for in Kie. You can therefore simply transfer at the aerodrome in Kyoto.

Are we going to be able to find a Yangon bench to trade our's directly into Kyat, or would we have to trade into Kyat in the UK or would we have to take $US with us to Yangon? We' ll dock in Yangon on a small ferry for two nights in February next year (a Thursday and Friday), so we won't pass the city.

How much should I take with me to Myanmar (British citizen)?

But every deal will be 5000 kyats, just under 3, plus the banking fees, which you and the currency rates are usually lower. I' m usually taking US $ and turning it into Kie. It doesn't make much of a financial deal whether you convert UK to $ and then to Kyoto, or whether you are paying to use an ATM.

Any $ notes must be in good shape, i.e. no cracks, splits, spots or lettering, or they can be rejected. Euro can also be exchanged in a bank, but are not intended to spend dollars to buy things where $s can be used.

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