Currency of Burma in Indian Rupees

Burmese currency in Indian rupees

Rupee (INR) and Myanmar Kyat (MMK) currency converter. Myanmar was one of India's states before it gained independence from the British. The currency at the time was Myanmar's rupee. Determine the value of INR in the MMK. Indian rupee was convertible into the pound sterling, which was convertible into gold.

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100(INR) Indian Rupee(INR) to Myanmar Kyat(MMK) Exchange Rates Today

Here is the page from Indian Rupee (INR) to Myanmar Kyat (MMK) converter, below you will find the current rates of exchange between them and will be refreshed every 1 minute. This shows the currency translation rates for both of them. You can also view the histories of these currency pair by selecting the timeframe in which you can get more information.

Do you want to reverse the currency pair? For more information, please see Myanmar Kyat(MMK) To Indian Rupee(INR). If you would like to place a hyperlink to Indian Rupee(INR) To Myanmar Kyat(MMK) Exchange Rate, please copy the HTML from below into your page:

Rupee Indian Myanmar Rupee Currency Rates Historicy ("INR MMK")

Rupee Indian Myanmar Rupee story from 01/12/2003 to today (15 years). Finding INR to MMK Currency Rates for a specific date, period or year. is the currency (supplied by the Reserve Bank of India and the currency by the Central Bank of Myanmar. Historic INR MMK information can be viewed on the historic map of the Indian Rupee Burma Kyoto.

Yangon Currency,Myanmar - Myanmar Forum

You' ll need some money for the cab if you look around Yangon and near Yangon. Use the following procedure to verify the currency rate: 1 US Dollar (USD) = 816 Kyats. EUR 1 (euro) = 1067.22 Kyats. GBP (British Pound) = 1295.44 Kyats.

MYPY 1 (Japanese yen) = 10.03 kyats. CNY (China Yuan) = 129.36 Kyats. {\a6}1 THB (Thailand Baht) = 3.8 Kyats. MasaIaIa Ringgit (1 MYR) = 265.46 Kyats. I BDT (Bangladesh Taka) = 10.31 Kyats. One SGD = 647.96 Kyats. One AED ("Dirhams" UAE) = 222.16 Kyats. KRW 1 (South Korea won) = 0.7170 Kyats.

CHF 1 (Switzerland francs) = 888.3 Kyats. AUD1 = 839.33 Kyats. One CAD (Canadian dollar) = 817.7 Kyats. MNN1 ('Mexican Pesos') = 62.59 Kyats. HKD 1 (Hong Kong dollar) = 105.07 Kyats. A ZAR (South African Rand) = 103.2 Kyats. For the Philippine Pesos: 1 PHP = 19.01 Kyats.

One KWD (Kuwait Dinars) = 2935 Kyats. One VND = 0.392 kyats. RUB 1 (Russia ruble) = 27.51 Kyats. IDR ("Indonesian Rupees") = 0.088 Kyats. INR (India Rupees) = 15.90 Kyats. SEK1 PKR (Pakistani Rupees) = 9.004 Kyats. Shri Lanka Rupees (LKR) = 6,493 Kyats.

Please note: This information is derived from the Yangon Dollar market.

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