Currency name of Myanmar

Monetary name of Myanmar

If you want to see Myanmar Kyats and only one other currency, click on another currency. Her name ("Will be displayed with your comment):. Monetary planning and other financial matters for Myanmar. Name, address and contact details of the recipient. Myanmar Money Rate App shows in real time the exchange rates of the Myanmar Currency(Kyats) from the Central Bank of Myanmar in A to Z format.


Burmese Kyat (Myanma Kyat) (MMK) Profile | Currency Translation

Between 1852 and 1942 the Myanmar eagle was used.

but with the language used in Burma.

BahrainBahraini dinarBHD0.377030.490750.566181.

KUWAIT Kuwaiti dinarKWD0.283750.369340.42611. The golf eagle was used between 1959 and 1961 in Kuwait.

SRI LANKARA rupeeLKR127.429165.874191.379SRILANKA RAupee has been in use since January 1872.

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